June 6, 2020

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My experience with online English class in 3D Academy

Hi everyone! In the Philippines, summer calendar has set in and with it a loosening of movement control restrictions during the Coronavirus confinement. Our world is slowly but surely returning to its former life. While face-to-face teaching in the school is still prohibited, 3D Academy offers you to start learning or improving your English skills with our teachers online. Now we have online lessons!

I am more than sure that in ordinary life we do not have enough time to fulfill our learning desires because we devote all our time to work. With the onset of the pandemic, many people suddenly have lots of free time on hand. Yes, sometimes we dream of relaxing and rebooting after a long hard day of work. But when it stretches for a long time, it becomes not so easy and fun. Surely many had anxiety and tension instead of the desired rest during the Coronavirus Home Quarantine. Many countries are still closed for the borders. We cannot travel. Some residents cannot even leave their premises due to travel restrictions. Let’s get a little distracted and make our own journey into the fascinating world of English with 3D Academy.

So let’s get started. In order to register, you need to click on the link https://ryugakujp-online.com/en/, all classes take place on Skype. So if you do not already have a Skype, be sure to download it.

Step 1. Registration

The menu language is mainly Japanese. The registration form is also in Japanese, but this should not scare you. Basically, the school is aimed at Asian students. Therefore, the site supports the languages of these countries. However, there is a menu in English. Russian, unfortunately, you will not see yet. You just need to enter your name, surname, email, password and go on Skype so that the teacher finds and adds you.

Step 2. Email Confirmation and Activation link

A confirmation email will come to your email, you need to open the link to activate your account.

Step 3. Choose Teacher based on the timetable (It’s Japan Time!)

On the page that opens,  you will be asked to choose a teacher and a time convenient for classes. It is important to note that the time is indicated in Japan, so it may not coincide with your time zone. For example, I chose a lesson at 11 am (Japanese time). In fact, it took place at 10 am (Philippine time). Therefore, choose the time carefully.

Also in this menu you can choose not only time but also your age, your preferences. I did not have any hard time choosing the teachers because I know all the teachers in our school. So I can easily entrust online lessons to all of them.

Step 4. Send Class Request and wait for Confirmation

Send a request and wait for a confirmation letter. As soon as it arrives, you can be sure that everything was done correctly. If something is wrong or there is not enough information, you will receive a letter with a clarifying question. Yes, the minus is that everything is in Japanese. Not everyone understands it, but in every electronic device there is an auto-translation function that makes life much easier.

Everyone can take 2 free lessons of 25 minutes each. I think this idea is good because

  • 1. You get a small part of the knowledge for FREE. Many sites and online schools offer English classes for a fee, starting from the first lessons. And this has its drawbacks. What if I don’t like the learning approach? What if I understand that English is not my language and I do not want to learn it? And a lot of such thoughts. In our online classes you have the opportunity to meet teachers, so choose lessons from 2 different teachers in order to have a better understanding. Also be prepared for the fact that our lessons are not built on the principle of academic learning. No one will force you to learn or do homework. Our training is based on LIVE COMMUNICATION. You will talk. And talk a lot, which will lead you to confidence and fluent speech.
  • 2.  Many have doubts about the pronunciation of teachers. Agree, in Russian schools there are still teachers with an accent or an incorrect pronunciation. In the Philippines, English is the second official language and our teachers are rigorously selected to work with students from all over the world. You will be able to get acquainted with them and see for yourself in free trial classes.
  • 3.  This is a good opportunity to get to know another culture! Filipinos are very friendly people. They are always positive. After the quarantine period I am sure you would want a small trip to this wonderful country of eternal summer! So if you want to learn more about the Philippines, come and study at our school after opening the borders! 

Tatiana’s Honest Review for 3D Online English Class

And now I would like to tell you about my 2 lessons. My teachers were Ryan and Ian. We were glad to see each other, as we already knew each other.

In the lesson with Ian, we discussed the paradoxes of our time. He encouraged me to give my opinion based on how I understand the topic. For example, how do you explain that people began to buy more, but at the same time experience less joy from what they purchased? He also checked my pronunciation by asking me to read a passage from the text. And of course we discussed about the latest quarantine news in the Philippines and said goodbye, hoping to see each other again soon at school.

With my second teacher Ryan, we talked all 25 minutes. I was wondering how local people respond to restrictions. He shared with me that sometimes he was tired of sitting at home and went to the mountains near where he lives. As long as no one saw him, he could do it. Now, with Cebu moving into the less restriction movement control phase, he can safely go to work at school and conduct online classes. He also asked how the quarantine influenced me, what was I doing and why I hadn’t fled the country at the first opportunity. It was very interesting to talk with him and it’s even more pleasant to realize that in two months without English classes, I can still speak English well enough. What a confidence boost! 😂

Dear friends, do not lose the opportunity to study online at an affordable price . Perhaps with these small steps the door to a great future will open. Who knows if you don’t try? I wish you all the good mood and success in learning English with 3D Academy.

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