June 23, 2020

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10 scenic roads in the Philippines

Hello dear readers, since Coronavirus came to the Philippines, any movement is strictly limited and all I can do in my free time is to spend leisure time on the roof of the 3D Academy school. From there, I can see the beautiful view of the mountains, sunset, and passing cars. One of these days on the roof, I watched a busy street and caught myself thinking that the only thing I want to do now is get in the car, turn on my favorite music and drive. To where doesn’t matter. I think many people like road trip as much as I do.

We adore the road trip as a way of escape from reality. Imagine a road trip where you were surrounded by the nature with an insanely beautiful view, it felt like your soul is coming out from your body. The aesthetic pleasure of the trip added into the away-from-reality bust.

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And then a question came into my head, “Are there beautiful roads in the Philippines?”. I’m sure there is because I once saw our school video of a road to the hot spring in Cebu and it was super scenic!

Immediately I searched the Internet and found a video about 10 beautiful roads in the archipelago. But it’s sad that the author explained everything only in the local language. So I decided to describe these roads in a more accessible language (English) and share this with you. Perhaps one of the days you will want to escape from the bustle and enjoy the incredible view of the road, getting aesthetic pleasure from the country in which you are. So let’s go!

No. 10 – Tagaytay-Talisay Road.

The Tagaytay-Talisay Road is a very steep and challenging mountain road located on the Philippine island Luzon. It runs north-south from the village of Tagaytay to Talisay. The road is considered very dangerous due to sharp turns, climbing uphill and the danger of high risk of rock sliders. But it offers a magnificent view of Lake Taal, as well as the crater of this volcano. The road combines extreme driving and an unrealistic surrounding view. An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

No. 9 – Gingoog – Claveria – Villanueva Road.

The Gingoog – Claveria – Villanueva Road is designated as the National Route 955 (N955) of the Philippine highway network. It’s a two-lane, 71-KM national highway, connecting the municipalities of Villanueva and Claveria, and the city of in Misamis Oriental. The road allows travelers to have a magnificent view of the Balatukan Mountain Range, which is the highest in the province and a stop over at the Flight 387 Memorial Marker . The monument commemorates 104 passengers from the local Cebu Pasific Flight 387, who were heading from Manila to Cagayan de Oro City, Mindanao. The plane crashed on February 2, 1998, all passengers and crew died. In addition, on the way along this road you can stop at Claveria View Deck . Let’s just look at this beauty.

No. 8 – San Nicolas – Malico Road.

The route from Quezon City leading to Maliko has now become one of the most popular destinations in North Luzon for motorists, including motorcyclists. This road, more commonly known as the Villa Verde trail, was trodden by troops who pursued the retreating Japanese soldiers during World War II. The trail crosses the Caraballo mountains. Her condition worsened after the 1990 earthquake due to massive landslides and landslides that left most of the trail impenetrable, but restoration work was carried out and the route was extended to other cities.

No. 7 – Marikina – Infanta Highway.

Marifanta or the Marikina-Infanta Highway — is a driver’s dream. Marifanta is a scenic 110-kilometer mountain highway connecting Metro Manila with Infanta in Quezon province through Marikina and Rizal.

No. 6 – Cebu Transcentral Highway.

The Transcentral Highway is indeed one of the most revolutionary transportation innovations Cebu has ever made. Through this mountain highway, land trips to lots of places in Cebu’s central and northwestern parts can be faster and easier. At an aerial view, it looks like a long snake perfectly nestled in the middle of the mountains and green trees. Some locals and visitors even consider the place a mini Kennon Road of Baguio City because of its evergreen surroundings and cool temperature. In fact, it can be really foggy up here during rainy days.

No. 5 – Apayao – Ilocos Norte Road.

Adventure-seekers had found a similar spot on a trip to the Ilocos Norte-Apayao road located between the boundary of Barangays Manalpac in Solsona town and Butao in Calanasan, Apayao, some 40 kilometers from Laoag. Thousands of curious visitors and mountaineers now ride a motorbike or a 4×4 off-road vehicle to reach the newly-opened highway linking the two provinces, where a view deck at the top offers them a picturesque sight of surrounding areas with rich flora and fauna, amid a sea of clouds.

No. 4 – Tagudin – Cervantes – Sabangan Road.

Is a 98-kilometer national secondary road in the Philippines that connects between the provinces of Ilocos Sur and Mountain Province. The road starts at the junction of Halsema Highway and ends at the junction of Manila North Road in Tagudin.

No. 3 – Bukidnon – Davao Road.

Often called as BuDa Road (a portmanteau of Bukidnon and Davao), connects Davao City and the municipality of Quezon in Bukidnon. A very picturesque road, but even more colorful is the location where the clouds kiss the mountains. It is Hills View Mountain Villa . Let’s just watch!

No. 2 – Daang Katutubo.

The scenic road that would link Aguilar to Mangatarem in Pangasinan and Sta. Cruz, Zambales, was temporarily closed for expansion and construction of the bridge to connect it with Daang Kalikasan Road. The incredible breathtaking view of this road attracts many not only local, but also foreign tourists.

No. 1 – Daang Kalikasan.

One of the most scenic and dangerous roads in the Philippines, temporarily closed since February 2020 due to accidents. The last victim was a 17 year old teenager who fell into the gorge. The road is planned to be reconstructed and opened in 2021.

Well, now you are convinced that the Philippines is not only the beach and the sea, but also amazing views outside the window of your car. Sometimes it even seems that these are not tropical Philippines, but European surroundings. If you are not familiar with this side of the country where you live or plan to visit, then do not waste time, feel the adrenaline and enjoy the view. And I will try to search for you very interesting and useful information. Thanks for reading and take care.

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