June 24, 2020

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The beauty of Vietnam chapter 2 – photo blog

Hi guys, I hope you’re doing well. To be continue from part 1 of my introduction of Vietnam, today I would love to recommend you guys 4 more destinations in Vietnam. Ready? Let’s make yourself a coffee and enjoy the beauty of Vietnam now!

  1. Hanoi

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Most visitors think Hanoi looks like a transit station. But to me, it is a destination where I’ve spent a lot of time to explore than any place else.

Like other ancient capitals in the worlds, Hanoi is a place for culture, history addicts, and also the heart of Vietnamese cuisine. In contrast of a modern and hot Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi looks old, traditional and has distinct winter and summer season.

My first visit was 4 years ago in the winter. Subsequently I came back again 5 more times. So now I have my own list of things to do in Hanoi. Here’s Rosie’s contribution on

Things to do in Hanoi

–         Relax on a terrace bar with a mojito and enjoy the best view of the Sea Long Bien bridge.

–         Visit Vuon Hoa Bai Da Song Hong (a large flower garden)

–         Take a walk at Phan Dinh Phung street to capture best photos when sunlight is shining through canopy of tall trees

–        Enjoy the sunset and sunrise at Ho Tay (west lake)

–        Visit the private Duong Lam ancient village

–        Take an iconic rail photo at Phung Hung street (It’s a train hurtles through a series of narrow streets in Hanoi’s bustling)

  1. Yen Bai

Just about 2 hours by bus from Hanoi to the North, you will reach to Yen Bai.

This province is famous for the rice terraces, Mu Cang Chai. Over here, you can enjoy the real life of ethnic people and various trekking activities along the scenic rice terraces…

Places to go in Yen Bai for the best Instagram photos

Some destinations below could make your Instagram explode!

* Pu Nhu Water Fall

* Thac Ba lake

* Tram Tau district.

You should never miss Tram Tau especially! This is the place where you can swim in a hot spring pool with golden rice fields at your surroundings. Sep and Oct are the best time to visit here.

It was cloudy and high humidity during my trip here. As a consequence, my clothes was wet after drying outside for 3 days. Indeed, winter (from Dec to Mar) is not the best time to go to the north of Vietnam.

So most of the time I enjoyed talking with an aunt in my homestay. She has worked as a chef in China for many years and hence she has superb cooking skill! I was so lucky because she cooked me plenty of nice foods every day. She was also the one who introduced a host family for my Sapa trip. I really had a great time there with her family hospitality. We gathered for dinner. We shared stories with each others. We watched movies together while outside was probably freaking cold. I miss my time there so much now.

Then I spent 5 hours on train to go back to Hanoi. It’s an old train. The passengers onboard the train and the decoration of that train reminded me of some Vietnamese black and white movies which my dad showed me long time ago. My childhood memories was recalled along the ride.

  1. Hue

Hue has a long and illustrious history as it was used to be one of the main royal capitals of Vietnam. For history lovers, there are a lot to enjoy here from the rambling ancient architecture to the engaging museums. Also, you can find the ancient tombs of former emperors all over the city.    

If you visit Hue Royal Palace, do not forget to wear sport shoes, bring umbrella and water as it’s a very large Palace.

I went to Hue for a couple of days to escape from the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh citylife. Thanks to the strangely peaceful atmosphere of this city, I could relax here. I enjoyed very much the motion picture of boats moving slowly along the Huong river, people walking, talking and laughing with happy traits on the street. Time flies very slowly there. It lifted my mood as well!

The one and absolute thing must do in Hue = Eat!

One more plus point about Hue is the availability of super cheap and good foods. I ate Bun Bo Hue, Banh Beo, Banh Bot Loc, Com Hen for my first dinner there with only 2.5 USD. Yeah, you didn’t read it wrong. Just 2,5Usd for all of the items listed above and a full belly. It’s super cheap.

  1. Phu Quoc Island

My 2 cousins and I booked a flight to Phu Quoc during the Halloween holiday a few years ago. We were so excited and dreamed of remarkable party there. But as it happens, no one celebrated Halloween in the Island. So in conclusion:-

One Thing NOT to do in Phu Quoc Island = Spend your Halloween holiday there!

We were forced to enjoy by our own ways.

Things to do in Phu Quoc Island

Honestly, it’s hard to reach a public beach for swimming over there since most of nice beaches are belong to resorts’ area. But we were lucky to meet a local who disclosed a wild beach hidden behind a forest. Then we rode motorbike on foreshore. I lost my control of the motorbike several time because of thick sand but it’s nice to try. We saw snakes too. We also swam in hours without annoying by anyone else like we own that beach. That’s amazing!

We also visited Ghanh Dau cape. People usually buy boat ticket to go there. But we chose to climb on cliffs instead. I do not recommend you to try this way as it’s really dangerous when tides can rise over the cliffs like what happened to us. Thank God we’re safe and sound eventually. Ghanh Dau cape is the place where we’re able to catch in the eyes an island in Cambodia as well.

Another must see destination is Ham Ninh fish village. It’s a place to experience the daily life of local fishermen as well as authentic regional dishes at affordable prices. We had a funny story when we got there. Google maps showed us a direction to go straight into a forest instead of the fish village. So our clothes got dirty by swampy and a weird glance from people when we arrive the fish village. LOL

At the end of the trip, we bought some foods and celebrated a small party while sightsee a beautiful sunset ever in Dinh Cau, this is an experience which you should not miss. Phu Quoc is the most wonderful trip ever in my life!

I hope you enjoy my blog and please stayed tuned for more post soon, see ya!


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