June 3, 2020

English learning with 3D

Top 4 Tips to improve your English while having fun!

Coronavirus outbreak is forcing us into isolation. We have no choice but to adapt to the new lifestyle. Because of this pandemic, all social gatherings are cancelled and forbidden. While changing our daily routines, I did not realize how time flew until one day in quarantine I asked myself, when was the last time I practiced my English? And I checked. I realized horrifying that two weeks had already passed while I procrastinated! That made me realized that I had to find some fun habits to learn English. I used to rely on the TED talks about productivity and videos of conferences of successful people for my English listening practice. These practices are good but they are too heavy. Mentally we always tried to delay watching those serious shows unless we are in the right mood. So today, I made a list of habits that will help you to learn English quickly, easily and fun!

#1 Watch movies in English

If you really want to learn a second language, the first mistake you make is to watch series or movies in your native language. Don’t waste the time on that! Watch it in the language you want to learn! If you really want to speak English you should consider watching your series in English. In the worst case, you should at least watch it with subtitles in your native language. If you are one of those people who are fans of cinema and use the quarantine to watch a lot of movies every week, you will soon be able to understand and speak in English so fast that all the subtitles in your native language become redundant.

If you are not the kind of person who enjoy watches American series, don’t worry. You can start with American comedies. These comedies series are simple and easy to watch, such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

# 2 Consider changing the language setting of your phone to English

Being in constant contact with English every time you use your mobile will not only give you new vocabulary, it will also familiarize yourself with technical words. Subconsciously you will learn English so much so that you can communicate your ideas in a better way. Take precautions as this trick requires having a basic English skills so that you don’t make the mistake of accidentally de-configuring your phone.

If you play mobiles games a lot, you should also try to change the language of the Play Store or Apple Store into English. In that way the language setting of those games will become English by default and you can practice English while playing and speaking from the Play Store….

# 3 New words every day

I discovered this trick recently. Most polyglots have this great habit that consists of downloading applications on your mobile that show you an English word on the lock screen daily, one of the most popular app helping you to do it is Wordbit.

You will see these words every time when you check on your mobile phone. Overtime the vocabularies accumulate and you master English without even putting in a lot of effort. If you are between 18 and 30 years old, you might learn much more words than you think you ever could in your lifetime!

#4 Write Diary in English

Writing a diary daily is a healthy habit. The writing habit makes you know yourself better and keep your mind in order. Try writing the diary in English instead of your mother tongue, you will learn English so much faster! And best of all? You will start thinking in the new language instead of trying to translate in your head. When this happens, you will be one step closer to being a bilingual!

If you manage to keep your diary in English for at least a month, thinking in English will become very natural for you.

Alright peeps, here are my top 4 tips for integrating English into your daily lives in a fun way! Try the above steps! You might will a fluent English speaker in no time!

Till next post, cheers!

This is a post contributed by 3D Alumni – Gabriel David Rengifo Vargas. He studied in 3D Academy for 2 months from Nov 25, 2019 – Jan 17, 2020. This is part of his challenge in his application for the 3D Internship Program. To support him, give us a “thumb up” and “like” our facebook page: facebook.com/3d.academia



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