June 12, 2020

Coronavirus Special Series

What has 2020 pandemic brought you?

Hi everyone, this is teacher George. What has 2020 pandemic brought you?

Coronavirus Pandemic: What You Need to Know for the Evening of ...

Extract from the Personal Journals of Teacher George

From my personal perspective, most people learned a lot through this global crisis. Perhaps, some individuals have improved various talents, cultivated new skills and realized valuable lessons. Although, many people from all walks of life are coping up in this trying time, they have some stories to tell about this current adversity that has shaken the complacency of the modern and convenient lifestyle.

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I have a habit of keeping a diary of everything that happens in my life. For the past few months, I happened to chitchat with a few about the impact of this present phenomenon and here’s what they say:-

Experience Sharing #1 – Jem, student, BS-Psychology (Philippines)

It opened our minds to things that we never thought of happening before. The pandemic brought peace to some, and chaos to others. In my case, it gave me plenty of time to rest, however, too much rest did not bring me any good outcomes. It made most people’s minds restless resulting to lack of sleep. Many fell ill as a result of no physical activity. These results affected me as well. It just concludes a the philosophy:-

“Everything is good, but in moderation”

Experience Sharing #2 – CK , student (Vietnam)

I intended to study abroad this year, but this pandemic totally broke my plan. It’s just an unexpected thing that I may lost the scholarship this year. I still had to work in the social distancing time because the banking system. It must be running all the time. But one inconvenience thing is that I couldn’t travel anywhere at the moment. It means I had more time to stay at home and enjoyed reading books and watching some favorite films that I missed before.

Experience Sharing #3 – Loven, student, BS-Hospitality Management (Philippines)

This pandemic that we have just experience made me realize many perspective. establishing a strong mind is one of the most important among all of those. Mental stability has been measured how an individual could withstand uncertainties, like what we are currently experiencing, which was felt by most. Also, productivity has been part of this development. Staying at home makes us look how to take advantage of the limited resources that is available to create a better outcome of what needs to be done. Lastly, bond with our bloodlines is part of it. Having most of our time with the people we cherish most, it made our ties stronger with them, as well gaining a sheer advantage to break the iceberg. Even though we have seen a better picture of the current situation, this has also bought interference of those aforementioned. One of the countless negative implications is psychological concerns; as an associative being, having limited communication to the outside world, it creates anxiety and changes of behavior, which could lead to violence. Also, in the nature of work limitations, this has brought us to stay indoor, letting our resources to diminished. This has been resulted to limit our power to take advantage our yield.

Experience Sharing #4 – Jan, teacher, 3D Academy (Philippines)

Though becoming financially equipped is a real struggle, I never made it as an issue to be troubled during this pandemic instead I worked it out pretty well. On the other hand, I was able to spend quality time with my family and strengthen our bond as siblings. I love it!

Experience Sharing #5 – Ryan, teacher, 3D Academy (Philippines)

Thank you so much for the wonderful question. I believe the 2020 pandemic has brought me into depression due to the fact the pros cons actually didn’t really matter to me at all. Depression because I am not financially equipped and not stable for the past 3 months. Worries me a lot more knowing I have other expenses to pay for. But I still see the bright side of it, to look into the beauty of silver lining to fight against depression and be more positive to life and face the reality of life. And I thank you.

Experience Sharing #6 – Joyce, Public Servant (Philippines)

During the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ), I am influenced to be musically inclined, I learned some dance move and improved some tone in singing (I’m still off key hehehe). At some times, I do tiktok which is very popular these days as well as Youtube and TV binging. On the other hand, I also experience boredom but I never let it get into me, instead I watched some inspirational talks to uplift my mood.

Experience Sharing #7 – Sanlyn , student (Taiwan)

The good thing is I learn how to exercise at home and learn much information from Youtube while the bad thing is I couldn’t go to another country.

Experience Sharing #8 – She, teacher, 3D Academy (Philippines)

During lockdown, I harnessed my skills at cooking, perhaps, I’ve learned to cook various dishes. I also developed my personal workout at home in order to keep my body in good condition. I wouldn’t deny that I underwent some trouble like finance, boredom and depression ,yet I never lingered onto it. Whenever this negativity comes to me, I face them with courage and a little talk with other people through internet, indeed it helps a lot to relieve the burden.

Experience Sharing #9 – Rhamz, teacher, 3D Academy (Philippines)

I am not used to getting along with my roomies. We both same to have our own world, though we nod each other to greet, yet it has no meaning at all. However, this pandemic break that invisible wall that hinders me to befriended with them. Surprisingly, we become good buddies and able to share some thoughts. At times boredom and sadness come along, I simply talk it out with them and feel relax.

Experience Sharing #10 – Freci, teacher, 3D Academy (Philippines)

I am much into adventure like exploring places and new trends. It is even more enjoyable with friends, if so with loved ones. For me, this is some of the activities I missed during the community quarantine. I may have spent good times with my family, find new things about myself and spent most of my time watching K-dramas. I still long to travel and have fun outside my home. Hope everything will go back to normal soon.

Experience Sharing #11 – Sonia, Cosplayer (Japan)

As for me, I really feel bad about this 2020 pandemic at the beginning because there’s no transportation available to some areas so I have to walk sometimes. Also, not all the store of the malls are open and some have limitations. I want to buy some stuff but they are closed. Internet connection is very slow. Good things is I can just stay at home and don’t need to spend much money. I’m working at home so I can do whatever I like. I don’t need to see office faces and toxic people hehehe. I can do my stuff on my free time.

Experience Sharing #12 – Beth , Freelance Teacher (Philippines)

Some lessons begin to emerge on my mind, like self – realization. Good things are I realize that, it’s important to have an emergency fund, I spend time with my family always. I did things I had never done before. I was able to go back to the things I used to do in the past. I can talk with my friends always, and most especially I’ve discovered a lot of things while I’m staying at home. Bad things are: Sometimes it gives me stress thinking always about this pandemic. It’s hard to live without money hahahahha!!! Some people are suffering because of hunger, depression, anxiety attack. Many people lost their jobs and experiencing shortage of food.

Experience Sharing #13 – Dana, student (Taiwan)

2020 pandemic actually brought me a lots of change in my life. Firstly I lose my job which I really like and lose the chance of getting the Australia work visa from the company as well ….which is really sad things during this tough time..but I did get something good at the same time, like I got a lot of rest time to think about what I’m doing now and what should I do in the future. Also I got a lot of free time to do something I really like but didn’t have much time to do it before, like cooking, baking, jogging, reading and outdoors activity… So this pandemic actually brought me not too much bad things in life. And I think it happened cause many reasons. The only things we need to believe is:-


My Personal Conclusion and Advice

Sometimes, people need a constant reminder that there is no control button over unpleasant occurrences that suddenly comes into our way. However, we can get hold on to our reaction which might lead to a good result. One clear illustration for this is the current situation that happens across the horizon, the 2020 pandemic which claimed lives and affected many. There are some of us who defy the preventive measures set before us to follow. People tend to complain and negatively react more than to think first of the feasible consequences of their actions. One piece of advice from me, the way to get through the difficulty we encounter in this time and age is to act as one responsible citizen and be sensitive to the needs of others.

On the whole, talking ourselves out to whom we are comfortable sharing our thoughts or stories definitely alleviates the burden we are facing. It also helps to release our negativity and stress that causes weariness and possible depression. What’s even more is that we also learn from the things they are giving us and this adds up to our understanding about the events in human existence.

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I honestly can relate to some of their stories and I bet you too have some stories you can relate from them and to tell as well, am I right? So, what has 2020 pandemic brought you?

This journal is written and shared by Teacher George. George is one of the most popular ESL Instructors in 3D Academy with over 10 years of experience. Her method of teaching is almost like a psychologist encouraging you to speak your mind. If you are looking to have an in-depth English discussion, you don’t want to miss her class. George is online now at 3D Online English School. Now book an online 1:1 class within her and let’s discover your passion together. You can sign up and claim your 2 free classes now at: https://ryugakujp-online.com/en/


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