July 23, 2020

Coronavirus Special Series

7 Activities to fit into our daily routines while staying at home

It seems there is only one travel destination in year 2020 – Home. Ever since COVID-19 started wreaking havoc in our world, our movements are largely restricted and confined. A lot of us stayed at home more than we had ever have in our entire lives. If your job is growing thanks to Coronavirus Pandemic or if your job is not affected at all, congratulations, you belong to the 20% of the lucky spectrum. No strike of luck for the remaining 80% of us. However, we have to believe that the pandemic will be over one day, and this is not any of our fault. What we need to do is to optimize the free time we have and rethink our strategies in lives.

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Today, let’s discover and explore a set of daily routines you can do from the moment you wake up to the time you hit the bed. Here are the activities you can try while staying in the comforts and safety of your own house.

Early Morning (6am-8am) – Breakfast, Meditate and Goal Setting

It’s always good and refreshing to wake up early. Have a nice cup of tea or coffee. Do some meditation to discover our inner selves. Then proceed to set our goal for the day. Then take a simple breakfast to give us enough energy to start our shinny day ahead.

How To Set Meditation Goals - The Joy Within

Morning (8am-12pm) – Learn and Improve yourself

If there is one thing the pandemic can’t stop us from doing, it’s learning. With the vast availability of online courses offered during this period, from technology industry to language learning, the amount of knowledge you can acquire with just a click of a button is truly astounding. Seize the chance of your lifetime to upgrade yourselves. You can even take it a step further and complete your Bachelor or Master Degree Online through Blended learning.

If your budget is limited, Google and Youtube are your best friends. From fascinating science to fun animation, there is never short of topics you can delve into learning.

Noon (12pm – 2pm) – Escape from Reality after lunch

Lunch time. Let’s take a nutritious lunch and escape to the wild with a nice cup of coffee. No I don’t mean travel for real. With virtual travel on the rise, you can escape from reality without going outside and driving off to a faraway place. If you are not a fan of travel, you can always watch a film. Here are some virtual travel inspiration for you.

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Take a look at the motivational speech + wild nature video mix for your escape-from-reality dream


Vietnam Virtual Trip

Philippines Virtual Road Trip

Travel the whole world virtually with Airbnb Backdrop

Photo Credit:Airbnb

Photo Credit:Airbnb

80s Old Time Brit Drama Rewind – Mind your Language

Big Bang Theory Science and Sheldon Madness Retreat

Gymnastic Princess Drama Rewind

Horror Movie to wake you up

Korean Dramas to watch

Turkish Drama to discover

Otherwise, you might have books stocked in your shelf or movies that you haven’t gotten time to watch. Our lives pre-COVID were too busy that we forgot to take a moment to appreciate these simple beauty in our lives. There were a lot of things we decided to put on the back burner.

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Afternoon (2pm – 4pm) Interact and Networking

Honestly, who doesn’t feel sleepy after lunch. Sure you can take a power nap. Or you can use the time to engage in a conversation for networking to chase your sleeping bug away. There are many virtual meetup and webinars available for free nowadays. Make sure you check up the social media, meetup, and other virtual meeting interest group. Video calls over zoom is a great way to network with people and keep you loneliness in check. Be honest, this is the only way we reach out to the world now. Virtual meetup is an amazing sight where you can bring the entire world to your room.

Meet the new Meetup | Meetup

Late Afternoon (4pm – 6pm) Start a hobby

If you don’t already have a passion, try to discover one that you can do at home. For example, you can learn how to cook, how to play piano, how to bake, or create some DIY crafts during this time. The activities to dive into are endless. And you can get your loved ones to do it with you too.

7 Easy Hobbies That You Can Learn During Quarantine | Travel.Earth

Here are some of the ideas we compiled for you.

Learn how to play piano from youtube

Night Piano GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Draw and design fan art from Japanese Anime

Learn how to cook 3 simple dishes

Learn how to make a window cathedral at home

Learn how to Decorate your house Interior without breaking a bank

Look at the cosy Nordic room!

Evening (6pm – 7pm) Workout and Exercise at home

This is the most active time for the body. Let’s workout and exercise at home. Find out what home workout you can easily follow from Youtube. Then, start training your body for the Abs and muscles. You might not be able to get abs in 2 weeks. But you will get it one day when you learn the right tips from the Spartan Racer.

This 4 Week Workout Plan Will Get You Fitter and Stronger at Home

Evening (7pm – 8pm) Nutritious dinner and light reading

We would recommend a light dinner consisting of fruit and salad with wine or juice.

How to Pair Wine With Vegetable Dishes

You can end the meal with hot chocolate to relax your body and do some light reading

Night (8pm – 10pm) Self-Reflection

With the overwhelming negative news of COVID and economic crisis, it is more important than ever for us to take a moment and do our daily self reflection. You can meditate, do some Yoga, or simply start a diary writing down what did you learn today and what do you wish you can learn for tomorrow. One simple advice for self reflection at this hour, do it with a clear mind. Reflection helps us to fight depression. It is necessary for us to appreciate what we have and keep living with an open mind and heart. If you struggle with self-reflection, there are many affordable options for therapy such as BetterHelp.

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Take the time to offer gratitude to whatever or whoever that come into your lives. We only get to live our lives once, so make the most of out of it.

Final thoughts

The activities that we enumerated were done with the best intention to help us to develop ourselves.

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In every crisis, lies opportunities ~ Albert Einstein

What we need to do is to prepare ourselves, so we can be in the best position to spot the opportunities and emerge from the crisis as a better person.

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