July 13, 2020

English learning

2 free online resources great for learning English

Hello! Today we’ll talk about English. English is one of the most widely spoken in the world; It is the second official language in many countries. Also, this language is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. A lot of techniques have been invented in the world for memorizing words, expanding vocabulary, and pronunciation training.

If we turn to Internet resources, we will see a huge amount of training material. It would seem that turn on the video, listen, repeat and you will speak English no worse than the person in the video. But, as practice shows, one exercise is not enough to enable you to start speaking English. In the first place you must always be motivated to do what you do.

If you clearly understand why you need a foreign language, your chances of successful in acquiring the new language will increase two folds. If you are not interested in gaining new knowledge or do not know how to apply it in the future, even the most effective resources or talented teachers of the world would not be able to help you. Therefore, before learning a foreign language, ask yourself honestly, «Do I really want this?» If your answer is yes, then the information you read below will be very useful to you.

Today we will analyze 2 online resources great for helping you to learn English. The first is suitable for beginners and the second is great for advanced level students to consolidate auditory perception and understanding of English speech.

#1. ESL Gold.

This resource is a godsend for those who want to improve their writing, listening, reading and speaking skills. On one site there are video tutorials, podcasts, books and exercises to consolidate the material. Let’s look at an example of one training video on how this resource easily and simply explains that English is not so difficult.

«How to use Can in English»

«Can» can be used to indicate the followings:

  • 1. Ability – «I can play the piano». When we use «Can» to indicate ability, it means a person is able to do something, has the skill, knows how to do it.
  • 2. Possibility – «I can play the piano now». In this instance, «Can» means something is possible, perhaps one of many alternatives.
  • 3. Permission – «Can I play the piano?». «Can» is commonly used when asking for or giving permission. It is like asking «Is it OK if I do this?». It’s a less formal way of saying «May»
  • 4. Requesting – «Can you play the piano?». With requesting you are asking the other person to do something.
  • 5. Offering – «Can I play the piano for you?». «Can» can also be used when offering to do something for someone else.
  • 6. Hinting – «Maybe I Can play the piano». This usage of «Can» is not so common, and it can sometimes have a subtle or ironic meaning.

As you can see, this short video gives an accessible explanation of the use of the verb “Сan” using examples with a detailed explanation and practice. Now you know in which cases you can apply this verb and can do it confidently.
ESL Gold also offers a selection of instructional videos for pronouncing different sounds in English. For example, it is no secret that the sound «V» in English is different from all other sounds in your own languages.

We rarely pay attention to this, which is why we sometimes get into awkward situations because we misunderstood what we heard. This video explains in detail when this sound is used, how to pronounce it, its difference from the “B” sound in words, as well as conversational practice to consolidate the material covered.

Video «Dictionary and reading» also consists of several parts, where you can not only to expand your vocabulary, but also to answer questions, read the text together with the author in order to hear the correct pronunciation. There are also several independent tasks to consolidate the material covered, such as choosing the correct definition for a word from the dictionary on a selected topic.

ESL Gold will help you not only to expand your vocabulary, master the basic grammar, but also teach you on how to pronounce sounds, words, which will make your speech much more confident. This Internet resource is great for beginners to learn English.

#2. Exciting English. Learn / Practice English with movie.

This Internet resource was shown to me by my teacher in one of the group classes.

There are many similar ideas on the Internet, but this site attracted me with this

  • 1.  Short videos. This makes it possible not to strain the brain with a large amount of information.
  • 2. The video is divided into several parts. Original clip, clip with subtitles, dictionary, clip without subtitles. Each video offers a short dialogue of cartoons or films that are easy and pleasant to watch and listen to.
  • 3. Vocabulary. Each video has a dictionary of unfamiliar words that will help to more fully understand the meaning of what is happening.

 I can say from my own experience, these videos helped me to prepare for the exam. I listened to the first part and tried to record everything I heard. Then I checked what was written with subtitles. Yes, I had mistakes, but after some time I got used to listening to the English speech and I began to parse the words in the said sentences.

If you practice for several minutes every day, watch 2-3 videos and test your auditory skills, then after a short period of time you will notice how easily and quickly you began to understand English and speak fluently. Moreover, these videos gave me the basis for viewing more complex material, such as watching a whole movie in English. Before that, I could not understand what they were talking about and what was happening if I watch the English film with no subtitles. It was easier for me to watch the film first in my own language, in order to understand the whole point, and then watch it again, but in English. But now, I don’t need to do such difficult work. I officially declare that I can watch and understand English movies without much help! It’s enough to work out for some time and strengthen my listening, so that my brain will become accustomed and ready to perceive a large amount of information in this foreign language.

I hope that my information was useful to you and I wish your English skills to improve every day. Thanks for reading.

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