July 7, 2020

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How to introduce yourself like a native?

Hi guys, in this topic we are going to learn about how to introduce ourselves in English like a native, as you may need to do it in your English class, at a job interview, at a new job, new hobby or at a big event.

Sometime we feel nervous when we have to introduce ourselves to a large group of audience.

This is incredibly intimidating. In order to successfully doing it, we need to have an introduction pre-written and memorize the script. Let’s find some of the best sentences for the formal and informal self introduction that will leave a good impression for others on ourselves.

We will start with the basic of self introduction


When introducing yourself as a greeting, you need to decide if it is a formal or informal situation and make the greetings accordingly.

Example in formal greetings

Hello/ Good morning/ afternoon / evening

Good day (an old-fashioned way of greeting in British but very common in Australia)

If you introduce yourself in the night time, you would say good evening. Warning: Never use good night as it sound like “good bye, I’m leaving”

Informal greetings

Hey, What’s up, Hi ya, What’s good

Please use these words with the ones who is same your age, level like friends, co-workers.

Let people know about your name

There are many ways of introducing your name such as: I’m, I am

If you introduce yourself in a situation where the majority of the audience can not see you, for example on the telephone, you can say: my name is… or my name’s…

If you are in a large convention centre then you might want to use: this is …(your name) Ex: Hi, this is Rosie speaking, might I have your attention please… 🙂


Usually we say: I’m from …(+ the place)

Example: I’m from Vietnam

If you are from somewhere that is quite far from the place where you’re introducing yourself, you can say: I come from….(+ the place) 

When I was in Cebu, I always said “I come from” whenever anyone ask me about, as Vietnam is far from Cebu J. “Come from” implies a little bit more of a journey.

If you want to say where you grew up, you can say: I was born and raised in …(place name)

Ex: I was born in Manila but raised in Cebu

If you were born in one place but grew up in a different place, you can say: I was born in…( place name) but raised up in…( place name)

If you were born in one place but now living in another place, you can say: I grew up in…but now I live in or I’m originally from…but I’m now based in…

Ex: I grew up in Tay Ninh province but now I live in Ho Chi Minh city

If you want to say how long you have lived in a certain place you can say:  I’ve been living in Ho Chi Minh City for 10 years or I’ve spent the past few years in Ho Chi Minh city

Position and company

I work at …(company name) in the …department

I’m manager at… (company name)

“at” can also be replaced with a “for”

I work in “general area”

If you don’t want to be specific about your position, you can just say: “I work in sales”

To give a specific position you can say: I work as an accountant for example.


You might also want to mention about your qualifications

If you want to say that you are close to graduation, you can say: I ‘m about to graduate or I am in my final year of…

If you are studying for a master degree, you can say “I am a postgraduate of…”  If you want to elaborate, you can say “I have bachelor Degree of arts major in marketing for example”

If you want to talk about the courses you are taking, you can say: I’m currently taking a course in …(subject)

When you finished the course: I have completed a 72-hour course in or on subject


Usually you will say:

I have “number” years of experience in the “occupation” field

Ex: I have 6 years of experience in the Logistics field

Another way of saying this is:

I’ve worked in “field”  for “unit of time” Ex: I’ve worked in Logistics for 6 years.


People usually say: I have 1 brother, 1 sister…

If you don’t want to specific your siblings, you just say: I have four siblings or I’m from a family of “number of member”  ex I’m from a family of four…

In case you don’t have any siblings, just say: I am the only child


I like running

I enjoy running

I’m a big fan of “gym”

For example: I really enjoy collecting currencies from different countries in the world.


I am “number” year old or just say’ I am “number”

I’m in my early, mid/ late’ + decade 20s, 30s”…

For example, I’m in my mid-twenties

Your advantage/ disadvantage

To suddenly think about your advantage/ disadvantage is really hard.

However, this questions usually appear in a job interview, so you better be prepared. You can say briefly about your advantage such as “I am a hardworking person (Or anything that best describes your characteristics). By the way, I have another blog regarding “a wold bank of adjective to describe your character” please click here to see more.

Here is an example of myself – Introduction in English class in 3D for your reference:

“Hey guys!

My name is Rosie and I am 18+ years old (oops I forgot about my real age).

I’m currently taking online English course in 3D. (click here to check my blog review about 3D online class)

I’m originally from a province in the north of Vietnam but I’ve spent the past 10 years working in Ho Chi Minh city. Before the COVID I’m a big fan of art classes. During this pandemic period I enjoy reading books at home.

Nice to know all of you and I hope we have fun together, thank you :)”

I hope at the end of lesson, you will have a complete self introduction that is ready to be used the next time you need to introduce yourself in front of others. For example, the first day when you arrive at 3D Academy.

Please stay tuned for my upcoming blogs.

This blog was inspired by the video of English with Lucy, click here to see more of her videos.




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