September 20, 2020

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Travel to Altay. Top 5 most beautiful attractions

Hello, my dear readers, how are you? We continue to discover some wonderful places in Russia and today I would like to share with you some amazing and fascinating location, it is Altay.

Photo by Sergei Wing on Unsplash

Perhaps, some of you heard about this place, some of you heard about it for the first time. However, this place exists and includes lots of touristic unusual attractions. For example, you can visit the planet Mars, not leaving our planet. You still don’t believe me? Ok, I will tell you about this and other places below. So, sit back, take a cup of aromatic coffee and let’s start.

Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

A little of History….

The Altai Republic is located in the very center of Asia at the junction of the Siberian taiga, Kazakh steppes and semi-deserts of Mongolia. It is a mountainous country with an extremely picturesque landscape, «Russian Tibet» in the center of Eurasia at the junction of several states, natural zones and cultural worlds. Also Altay is named «Russian Iceland» because of huge glaciers, waterfalls and amazing views.

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

The climate of Altay looks like an alive organism with changing mood. The weather can change a lot on the day, from sun to rain, from clear sky to cloudy, so you should take warm clothes if you want to climb or hiding. On winter season the temperature can be minus 60 degrees Celsius in the night. So be ready to cold weather and care about yourself. Despite of the weather, Altay consists of many astonished locations and I am glad to tell you about these.

Photo by Sergei Wing on Unsplash

#1. Altai Mars

Millions years ago in this place was a sea, which dried during the time, letting people to discover the bottom at present time. The round of this place is rich of iron, manganese, chromium, titanium, which painted the mountain ranges in red, yellow, blue, violet colors, changing each other. And this fascinating view looks like Marsian Valley, how called this place local people.

Photo by Serge Jouqier on Unsplash

I am sure that this location will not leave anyone indifferent to its views. Different colors, absence of the vegetation make this place one of the popular and unusual in the world.

#2. Glaciers of Altay

One of the reason why Altay call «Russian Iceland» are glaciers. The great, large, ancient glaciers keep a lot of secrets inside. Thousands tourists come there to climb to their peaks, walk in their iced caves, watch the astonished view or take a photo for world traveler magazines.

Photo by Dirk Spijkers on Unsplash

The glaciers melt, making the wonderful waterfalls, lakes and stunning landscape. According to to scientists, in several years the glaciers will be disappearing, so if you want to enjoy the fascinating scenery, please hurry up. Altay has small and huge glaciers, almost melted and just starting out, but every one is beautiful and has own magnificence. Cold mount breath and blue sky match the picture of gorgeous glaciers and you must watch it.

#3. Blue lake

This is unusual thermal lake, where the underground geysers hit and bring the blue silt from bottom to the surface. It all makes the lake so strange and magnificent. Honestly, I haven’t seen such Lake in my life but I want to. I know that in USA are lots of such lakes, so if you want to see the masterpiece of nature, no need to leave Russia, just come to Altay and enjoy this view.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

This lake hides inside the forest and you need the guide. Despite of the beauty this lake, no every one wishes to swim there. Actually the lake is extremely cold even in summer season. Also the blue clay complicates the entrance to the water but if you like extreme feelings, I think you will like to immerse there. However, have a few brave people, who test themselves and get incredible memories. The lake attaches people as the magnet and everyone wants visit Altay because of the blue geyser lake. I am sure that you haven’t known about this creature of nature till now and also want to watch it with your eyes. Lets see this geyser lake in the video below and get pleasure from its beauty.

#4. Chuisky tract

This scenic road is oldest way from Siberia to Asia and one of the most beautiful roads in the world. The road connects Siberia with China and Mongolia and repeat the north way of Great Silk Road. The current asphalt road is based on an ancient trail used by traders and warriors and which is mentioned in Chinese writings thousands of years ago.

Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

By the way, if you also like wonderful view through the window of your car you can read about 10 the most beautiful roads in the Philippines here. But we come back to Chuisky Tract, and according to driving travelers, «Journey stars here!». I mean zero kilometer, where the driving trip begins.


Following this road, you can visit many interesting and tourist places for which Altai is so famous. Various settlements with their own history, rocky caves, mountain ranges, natural lakes. And I’m not even talking about what kind of driving you see.

#5. Red Gate

This is an artificially cut gorge, which you can see following the Chuisky Track. This natural landmark is a narrow, winding passage between the spring and the red rocks. The rocks have a red hue due to the mercury ore content. While laying the road, the passage to the Red Gate was widened with the help of explosions. Everyone who has visited this place notes that the Red Gate changes its color depending on the weather.

Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

If on a sunny day the passage glows and burns with a bright red color, then on a cloudy day the passage will look like an entrance to the underworld, its colors become so gloomy. Moreover, through the Red Gate lies the path to many other sights of Altai, which I will write about another time.

In conclusion…
Thank you, dear readers, I hope you liked my article and read it with big pleasure. However, I would like if you will share this information with your friend, let them know about the beauty of Altai. Thank you so much and see you.

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