September 5, 2020

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Are You Ready? Technology will change lives in a pandemic!

The Coronavirus disease, which has lasted for more than 9 months, has not ended yet. From the beginning we were afraid of the city being locked down, to now that everyone slowly adapted to this rhythm of life! Everyone is actually looking forward to: When will the COVID-19 vaccine come out?!

Many people are unemployed and want to work as soon as possible to support their families.

Many students can only study at home.

Some people suffer from depression and other diseases because they have stayed at home for too long time!

The travelers have to wait for the pandemic to end to start traveling and experience life again!

And now the busiest are the doctors, nurses, police and couriers. They are the frontliners of the pandemic to serve people. The numbers of people contracted COVID-19 keep on increasing until today.

So many problems need to be solved, what should we do?

Today I will introduce to you two scientific and technological innovative products. The actual product may not be so perfect, but at least it can show that humans can solve these problems, and the important thing is that it takes time to run the tests.

Hopefully with these inventions, we can live normally without waiting for the vaccine to come out and continue our work/trip 😄

1. Futuristic face mask

It is a personal air purification protective cover. The purpose is to get you out of self-isolation and return to normal lives. Most importantly, the price should be affordable for the consumption of ordinary people. The key is to wear it and so you can go to work, studying, shopping, traveling, and have no worries about taking public transports, boarding the plane, etc.

Design principle:

1.Fan that lasts 8-12 hours on a single charge

2. Extremely durable medical grade clothing

3. Simplified filter replacement mechanism. One standard size, each filter can be used continuously for up to 30 hours.

4. Increased the comfort of daily travel (reversible gloves, pockets, ports and windows)


2 A honeycomb office pod system–Q.workntine

Cairo-based architect and cross-disciplinary designer Mohamed Radwan has conceived an innovative solution for offices functioning during the COVID-19 lockdown. The project, titled ‘Q.workntine’ has been developed with an aim to provide safety to those who are working in the field of essential services in these uncertain times.

Designed as an air-tight pod system in a hexagonal beehive-shaped layout, the motive is to ‘provide safety and protection within the physical workplace, while maintaining the same number of employees per square meter as a traditional office system’.

“With the world under lockdown for an extended period of time, some essential businesses still have to keep at least the bare minimum of its workforce, working physically on site to provide necessary and vital supplies for the health supply chain. And the longer the quarantine continues, the more companies may be forced to do the same, as shortages will hit the global market,” explained Radwan, whose anti-COVID-19 concept won the DNA Paris Design Award recently in the category of ‘Responsible Design’.

Features of the pod

‘Q.workntine’ is conceived to adapt different spatial requirements; each pod that makes up the working space can be customised to fit in right angles or elongated to create a management module with seats for senior executives.

The design features an optimised automated system that ensures both safety and a comfortable work environment. Each of the pods are equipped with an automatic handless air-tight acrylic door that functions by facial recognition. Two fans with built-in air purifiers fitted on the roof ensure adequate ventilation that will keep the interiors fresh and airy. The skin of the pods is envisioned as made of a non-porous material that can be easily cleaned and disinfected to avoid spread of the virus

The concept follows both social distancing measures and the idea of working together with the same workforce where the clusters of pods can be arranged depending on the layout of the office space.

Finally, what I want to say is that this is an era full of opportunities and challenges. We need to change, we need to innovate, and most importantly, we need to learn, especially learning languages! As a Chinese, English is really important. The world’s mainstream knowledge and technology are presented in English. In the digital world, when you are restricted for body language, voice and visuals are your only communication tools with the world. If you don’t speak English, no one outside of your mother tongue speakers will understand you.

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