September 10, 2020

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Haunted places in the Philippines. Part 2

Hi my dear readers, today we will continue to explore weird places in the Philippines. I have already written about Urban legends of Philippine archipelago and you liked it.

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So I would like to tell you about some supernatural, unusual and bizarre touristic and not touristic places. Same as many of you, I also like something undiscovered and strange. Yes I am afraid of it but there are many people in the world who don’t feel any fear and able able to connect with ghosts.

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So, I want to say that I admire such people and I always have the interest to watch and listen to story about their mysterious adventures. I hope you already sat back and prepared a cup of aromatic coffee, here we start.

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#1. Teacher’s camp, Baguio.

The camp is the one of the most touristic and popular places in Baguio. It was found in 1908 and was the education center and relaxing place for teachers from USA and Philippines. During Second World War the camp was the hospital. It was destroyed by bomb and restored later. After the War, the Teacher’s Camp again invited teachers for accommodations, sport championships and education center. According to many inhabitants of the camp past time, they began to hear and see some paranormal actions inside the house. What was the reason of the appearance of ghosts in this place?

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It may be consequences of War or we can find the reason in the whole area, where the camp was build. Long time ago the primitive settlements lived at that place and they differed the distinct cruelty to each other making sacrifices to their God. From my point of view, this ground could absorb a brutal energy and began the reason of appearance of paranormal activities there. The camp still open and if you want to watch something weird, you can book in some of its room and stay overnight to test yourself. What can you feel / see there? At one version, it can be Women in White, who follows you in the corridor. In another version, it’s a priest without his head, who appears and vanishes suddenly.

Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash

At another opinion, it can be bloody woman, who looks at you while you are sleeping or unhappy rejected ghost of man, who pursues lonely and unmarried woman or you can watch one another but, at any way, you will feel fears and discomfort because of attendance of something supernatural and inexplicable.

#2. Corregidor Island.

The island is touristic place and has a very rich past. It was a very beautiful, mellow island for resting and life with fishing village, light house and signal station for the entering and leaving ships from Marina Bay but everything was changed by Second World War. This area began the battlefield between Japanese and allied forces, which turned the wonderful island into ruins. Still at the island you can watch the evidences of the past time – breaking buildings, memorials, Japanese Garden, restored light house.

Photo by Thor Alvis on Unsplash
According to many tourists, there they heard some strange voices, able to see a picture of war even if they were born later then War was finished. The most popular attraction at the island is Malinta Tunnel. During the War, tunnel was the refuge, headquarter, armory, hospital and saving place but notorious it began when 3000 Japanese soldiers killed themselves inside tunnel by explore, when they failed with the battle. Some time later, the tunnel was restored and a lot of people noticed some paranormal activities inside.

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For example, people told about the screams for help, visions of somebody in military clothes and constant feelings that something observes at you. Unpleasant feeling, right? However, Malinta tunnel attracts the lovers of mystery from all the world. People stay inside the tunnel for overnight, try to connect and communicate with ghosts. Some of them has lucky, somebody fails but all of them sure that the tunnel has own, weird and attractive energy.

#3. Red House, Bulacan.

The most notorious attraction of the Philippines is located in Bulacan. Many time ago it was a peaceful village with the ordinary life but now, if we look at this place, we don’t believe in it. The strange Red House stands out among the green fields very brightly. What is he hiding? The very cruel and unbelievable secret since Second World War.

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At that time Japanese soldiers invaded to these territories and captured all inhabitants. The most terrible thing that they raped women in this house. Soldiers didn’t care about age of women, there were small girls and adults. According to the one of surviving victims, men hit women extremely brutal and could rape they from 20 to 30 times daily. If the victim had lucky to escape from this hell, usually soldiers quickly found her and took back to Red House and continued to scoff on her.

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The total number of the raped women during that time are around 200000, may be more, it is just the approximate calculation, still people find the bones and parts of skeleton in the ground of this area. Of course, this place has negative energy and local people believe that red color on the walls is never fade because of blood, which filled this place. Locals feel discomfort in Red House, heard screams for help and watch strange women in white, who wildly crying and desperately calling for help.

Photo by Camila Quintero Franco on Unsplash

According to the surviving victims, it was eerie time and they lost their hope and belief in the salvation. Currently, the Red House is destroyed and many attempts to restore it was unlucky because of the unexplained deaths of builders.

Wrapping up
My dear readers, that’s all what I wanted to share with you. I hope my article was very interesting for you and I will be glad if you share it with your friends. Mysterious stories always attracts the attention and maybe one of you can challenge his fear and will be ready to visit weird places with paranormal activities. I wish you a good mood. Don’t be afraid of urban stories, be brave and see you in my next blog.

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