September 23, 2020

Welcome to Russia

Welcome to Europe inside Russia. Kaliningrad.

Hello, my dear readers, how are you? Today we will continue to discover cities in Russia and I would like to share with you some fascinating towns of my country. We will speak about Kaliningrad. Some of you know about this city, especially those who lives in Europe. But if you have never heard about this unique town, I would like to tell you some interesting information about it.

little of History…

This is a city with a very rich past, for a long time it belonged to Germany. The history of the city began a long time ago when the knights laid the foundation of the fortress on a hill and named it Konigsberg. Throughout its history, the city was captured, destroyed in wars, rebuilt, captured by other states, but became a completely new Russian city after the end of the Second World War.

Photo by Polina Batalina on Unsplash

Then its new name Kaliningrad appeared. One of the most famous world philosophers, Emmanuel Kant, was born and lived in the city. Kaliningrad is separated from Russia and lies between Poland and Lithuania, but it is connected to the Russian Federation only by sea.

Photo by Anton Nazaretian on Unsplash

So let’s see some amazing locations in this city.

#1. Kurshskaya spit

This is a truly unique creation of nature and has no analogues. The Kurshskaya spit was created by the wind and the Baltic Sea and has its own unique natural landscape.

Photo by Nikolay Vorobyev on Unsplash

Sand dunes and dense forests combine in one area and give you the opportunity to travel between the world of desert and living forest. The spit connects Kaliningrad and Lithuania, it is divided into two parts, each of which belongs to these countries. Spit is a nature reserve and is included in the list of UNESCO attractions. On its territory there is a large amount of flora and fauna, which is listed in the Red Book. Millions of birds stop here along their migration route and it is a stunning sight, especially if you see it with your own eyes.

Photo by Mariko margetson on Unsplash

The formation of this miracle of nature went on for thousands of years and this area was home to the Vikings, knights of the past, and now has become a habitat for wild animals. The dancing forest is a particularly attractive attraction in the reserve. And not in the entire park, but only in the anomalous zone, the trees bend, bifurcate, and their trunks twist into rings.

Photo by Mary Ray on Unsplash

According to an ancient romantic legend, at this place many years ago, a young man saw a beautiful girl who was playing a musical instrument. He saw her, fell in love and immediately called her in marriage, but they belonged to different religions and could not be together. Then the young man said that he would accept the religion of the girl if her god proves that he is almighty. The girl began to play her musical instrument and the trees began to dance, and then froze in movements. In fact, there is still no exact explanation for this phenomenon, so let’s believe in the great power of love.

#2. Fish village

Many years ago, a fish market was located on this place, where locals could always buy fresh food from fishermen. After the second world war, the place was destroyed and only in 2006 the local authorities decided to build an entertainment center in the style of the pre-war Kegsberg on this place.

Photo by Harris Vo on Unsplash

The idea turned out to be very good, on the territory of the village there is a shopping and entertainment center, an observation deck on the roof of the lighthouse, summer outdoor cafes, hotels, restaurants, business offices. In the evenings, you can take a ride on the river on a pleasure boat or listen to local musicians sitting on one of the restaurant’s terraces.

Photo by Naku Mayo on Unsplash

The combination of ancient Gothic architecture with the present will give you an unforgettable experience, as if you are in Germany, without leaving the borders of the Russian Federation. And of course, I will not say that this place is very popular with locals and foreigners. It will be better if you see it with your own eyes and feel this moment.

#3. Hotel Nesselbeck.

In my opinion, this is the most unusual sight of the city. This is a hotel in a knight’s castle. The most interesting thing is that the architects designed this building according to the drawings of a real knight’s castle. The interior, atmosphere and style of the hotel echoes the knight’s castle of the past centuries.

Photo by Aleksandra Zelena on Unsplash

The castle has its own brewery, which is a restaurant and a venue for celebrations. At your request, you can completely immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the past and feel like a real knight.

Photo by Casper Johansson on Unsplash

You will be offered themed costumes, photos, performances, in which you can also take part, and if you wish, you can be shown the torture room, which is also located in the hotel. I don’t think it’s worth mentioning that this place has become the most popular with newlyweds or those who are going to propose. What kind of girl will beat the beautiful knight after the battle in the tournament for her heart?

Photo by Esther Tuttle on Unsplash

The interior of the hotel also corresponds to the interior of the past, namely, fragments of ancient frescoes, swords and much more that will help you travel in time. I would really like to visit this unusual place to feel this unique atmosphere. How about you dear readers?

In conclusion… 
Dear readers, for today this is all that I wanted to share with you, but far from the last. Kaliningrad is truly a wonderful city in terms of its architecture and the very rich past. On its territory there are a lot of architectural monuments of past years, various cathedrals and the tomb of Emmanuel Kant. But I will write about this another time. Thank you for reading to the end, share this information with your friends and welcome to Europe within the Russian Federation. See you in the next city!

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