September 19, 2020

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5 Beautiful mountains in the Philippines

Hello my dear readers, today we will not talk about islands, beaches and popular attractions in the Philippines. I have written a lot about it and today I wanna show you another side of the islands because the Philippines consists of not only beaches and relaxing places. Instead I want to share with you some selection of the most beautiful mountains on the archipelago. Some of them you know, some of them are unfamiliar for you. But any way, I hope my selections will be interesting and informative for you and after reading the article, you will dream about visiting these sacred places soon. So, if you are ready already and sit back, we will start.

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

#1. Mt Banahaw, Luzon.

The mountain is inactive volcano with a very rich history. Everything begin from one person, according to him, he heard the voice of God on the mountain.

Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

Since that time local people believe that the mountain has sacred energy and became a place of pilgrimage. A lot of tourists also believe in it and climbing to the peak of volcano become their dream, as well as swimming in the holy water of the waterfall, which hide inside the attraction. But not only waterfall attracts many people, also the cave. According to the old legend, if you want to clear yourself from sins, you need to come into the cave, go through it and go out on another side of the cave. If you get some scratches and scars during your walk inside, it means you are clear from the bad actions in your life and God forgive you but if you can’t find the exit and lost in the dark or die inside the cave, it means you were a bad person and didn’t pass the cleansing.

Photo by Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

In my opinion, it is strange because during the road inside the cave you don’t have a light, you go in the full dark and, of course, you will injure yourself even if you don’t get lost. However, locals believe that it works. And I don’t want to speak about astonished view from peak surrounding it. I prefer you watch it with your eyes and get ready to climb on the Holy mountain.

#2. Mt Pulag, Benguet.

This is third highest mountain in the Philippines and one of the most beautiful. Lots of tourists want to visit the peak to watch «sea of clouds» on a day and Milky Way in the night. I have already written about one more location where you can watch sea of clouds, but this mountain is higher and bigger.

Photo by Carlo Knell on Unsplash

Moreover, on the foot of sleepy volcano, buried sacred settlements, which lived there a long time ago. Ancient inhabitants mummified dead people and put them in the cave on the foot of mount. Nowadays, it is one of reasons why the mountain is so attractive for major number of tourists. Everyone can see this burial and after climbing on the volcano to watch stunning sea of clouds or Milky Way.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

I want to say that I would like to visit this attraction because of Milky Way. I have seen the breathtaking sight of this once in my life and want to share with you that it is exciting. Don’t lose your chance to watch it if you have time and possibility for it.

#3. Mt Pinatubo, Luzon.

The active volcano is the most amazing and dangerous in the Philippines. June 12-17, 1991 was the notorious data in the modern History. The volcano began to be active and the eruption continued long time.

Photo by Yosh Ginsu on Unsplash

The effects of it destroyed nearest naval base of USA in Clark city, the huge area immersed in full dark for some time, the ash was even in Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. A lots people died, a large territory with jungle, animal, birds was burned, the volcano decreased the world temperature for 0.5 degree and led to appearance Ozon Hole over Antarctica.

Photo by Marc Szeglat on Unsplash

Nowadays the crater of volkano is lake with rain water, the green ant trees gradually recovers on the burned area and the mountain attracts many tourists. In the present time it is national park with rice terraces, thermal springs and road-off.

#4. Masungi georeserve, Baras.

It is a nature reserve located at the top of a mountain range. This attraction is located near to Manila and a lots people know about this popular place. What is unusual you can watch there? First of all, suspended foot bridges and a spider web observation deck.

Photo by Thomas Bishop on Unsplash

An exacting view will be surrounding you while you are sitting on the deck, if you are not afraid of height. Honestly, I first time see this interesting location in the Philippines and would like to visit it also to test myself an enjoy the stunning view. How about you, my dear readers?

Photo by Gentrit Murati on Unsplash

The territory of this fascinating place includes caves, rock pool and many interesting things. For visiting it you need the guide, who can guide you through the forest and provide the necessary instruction. The number of visitors is limited, so don’t waste your time and go there as soon as possible if you have such opportunity. I am sure you will like this unusual and incredible place.

#5. Rolling hills, Batanes

The one of the wonderful view you can watch in Batanes, where hills are rolling and connecting with the sea. Green color of field has the bright contrast with blue water and it is enjoying for your eyes.

Photo by Leila Rh on Unsplash

On these hills you have variety of actions – to count sheep on the field, make a meditation in surrounding sea breath and amazing view or lie down on the green and look at swimming clouds. Any actions will relax you and fill energy.

In conclusion…

My dear readers, thank you that you read my article to the end. I hope you liked my selection, I tried to find the most interesting information for your reading and will be glad if you share it with your friends. Have a good mood and see you in my next blog.

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