September 12, 2020

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Online Marketplaces available for the residents in the Philippines

Let’s talk about online shopping today. In fact, it has become very popular in China since like over 10 years ago because of the flourishing of domestic shopping sites such as Taobao, JD, etc. Internationally, there are Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten etc for overseas shopping.

Students who used to study English at the 3D Cebu Language School basically know that they can order  tickets online from sites like Pacific Airlines, AirAsia, and Philippine Airlines.

So what else can you shop online without leaving home in Cebu? Especially now with the coronavirus pandemic.


At present, Foodpanda is operating in 14 countries and regions, mostly Southeast Asia. In the past, people use it mainly to order drinks, bread, food in restaurants, etc. Now, new supermarkets such as 7-11 supermarkets, fruit and vegetable shops, and chicken and pork shops have been added into Foodpanda platform as well. 3D students mainly use it to order drinks and pizza.


At present, it mainly serves 8 countries in Southeast Asia. In the past, it was mainly taxi-hailing software. Now it has expanded to motorcycle delivery, Grab payment, online food similar to Foodpanda, etc.3D students use it to take taxi.

3. Online supermarket Landers

Currently, it provides services in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, similar to Carrefour / RT-Mart supermarkets. During the coronavirus epidemic, some residents of Cebu did not leave their homes to purchase some necessities such as rice, salt, sugar, and seasonings, Ingredients, toothpaste, shampoo, bath supplies, toilet paper, and beverage coffee, etc. The only requirement is that you must purchase the membership card before you can shop online. Some 3D students may know this supermarket, but generally do not use it for online shopping.

4. The newly added online Ayala Supermarket

This was originally a traditional supermarket. But with the continuous spread of the Novel Coronavirus, it had adjusted its strategy and opened an online supermarket. You don’t need to buy a membership card to purchase it, as long as it is registered online. If compared with Landers, I would choose Ayala online supermarket because there are more varieties in the platform. Although the price of the product is a little bit more expensive than Landers, the shipping fee is much cheaper. The overall price is actually similar. I guess besides for 3D students no one knows 😄 Currently, it mainly provides online services in Metro Manila and Cebu City and Mandaue City, with 3 different sub-sites.

5. Rose Pharmacy Philippines online pharmacy

This pharmacy not only sells medicines, but also personal care products like shampoo, bath products, etc., which basically covers the entire Philippines.

6. Uniqlo online clothing in the Philippines

I personally like this brand because it is more durable. Now you don’t need to go to Ayala or SM. If you want to buy it, just go online.

7. Apple online store in the Philippines

Apple stores in Cebu are basically selling older computers. If you want to buy the latest Apple computers, watches, etc., you can go directly to Apple’s online store.

8. Cebu’s latest online travel site

Tourism industry is in a very difficult situation now. Therefore, once the coronavirus has eased, the government has gradually reopened Cebu’s tourism industry in order to boost the economy.  Online you can choose the place you want to visit, make an appointment online, and pay online.

I only introduced the 8 online sites above. There are actually many other shops such as  Shopee / Lazada in Southeast Asia.

In fact, there are many online shopping sites in Cebu. Because the pandemic has caused corporate stores to close, operators have to face reality, readjust the layout, and successively launched their own online shopping sites.

I hope most sites would remember that to be able to survive, it mainly depends on whether you have good products and good services, as well as good marketing strategies and good after-sales service, etc.

Finally, our 3D Cebu Language School has also turned over in this pandemic and launched online English courses in time.

Now You can easily learn English without leaving home, and you can interact with Filipino teachers, especially those who used to be 3D can find teachers you are familiar with

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