September 27, 2020

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Online or Face-to-Face learning? Pick your Choice!

Online learning is a growing educational alternative for people who, due to time and space constraints cannot attend face-to-face classes on a regular basis. At the beginning, we could regard this as “remote learning.” But in this time of pandemic, a lot of people resort to enrolling themselves in online classes. But can online classes really get you the same results as face-to-face classes?

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Here, in the Philippines, this time of pandemic and economical crisis is leaving the country to take a step on trying to establish online classes for Filipino students and make it work. The said step is becoming more controversial for some Filipinos. They have to consider a lot of factors in taking up an online class. A lot of Filipinos are more comfortable studying in a class with a person than learning things through a computer monitor.On the other hand, some Filipinos think that studying online is a better choice for learning because they are more comfortable staying in their homes and managing their own time.

As controversial as it may sound, it really depends on what kind of method you are comfortable with. So let’s try to understand the difference between the two methods of learning. What are the pros and cons of each of them?

Let’s start with online learning

Online learning is a remote method of learning via communication devices. As technology advances, this method is getting more convenient for learners.


  1. Your class, your choice!

Many websites are offering online classes and you can choose what kind class you want to have. Unlike the traditional learning method, you can choose your class for the present day you are taking the class. This is very convenient for adults who are learning broad but specific courses. By this way you can manage your own learning modules and goals.

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  1. Cozy!

Yes, it is comfortable (for most people, at least). You can be in any place in your house. You can be in the dining room, kitchen or bedroom (I would like to add “restroom” but a person with a right mind won’t do that). Some people even take their classes outside in a coffee shop, restaurant, while walking or even working out.

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  1. Spice up your resume!

It doesn’t matter where your career stands at this moment; an online program will always look good on your resume. It will show potential employers that you’re committed to learning and you’re eager to obtain more knowledge and new skills. Hiring managers don’t see online degrees as inferior to traditional ones. A degree is a degree. If you obtain an online degree from a prestigious university, you’ll boost your career with the speed of light. You will certainly become a better candidate for a job promotion, and your resume will look much better when you apply for new positions.

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  1. Easy speed

Did I write easy? Yup, I did. The class follows your own rhythm or learning pace. Going back to number one, IT IS YOUR CLASS. So it depends on how fast/slow you learn. You will learn as long as you don’t give it up. Come on, It’s your class. What would you expect?

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  1. Affordable

If we think about it, online learning really costs less than traditional learning. The fact that online programs are cheaper when compared to the ones held in a traditional campus setting is enough to convince you to consider them. The average tuition for online courses depends on multiple factors, so it varies from one program to another. Factors like transportation cost, facilities, food and etc. Online class might cost you 3 times cheaper than a traditional class.

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  1. Commitment

This is a common problem for students. Most online students tend to lose interest in learning. According to the research made in Virginia Commonwealth University, 12 out of 16 students in an online class did not finish their module. The problem here is that online classes are looser than traditional classes.

  1. Pace challenge

Pace is one thing, not applying yourself is something completely different. When pace is lacking, or the feeling that there is no one else there to drive your learning, making time to study can fall by the wayside.

  1. Invalidity

Some companies don’t accept online class as a valid degree. Yes not all them accept it. They will do a heavy background check if they will. Though some online classes in big universities are valid but there are a lot of unaccredited schools or websites that offer online classes. So you have to check its validity before enrolling.

  1. Too relaxed

Studying on the couch is all well and good but you also need to be prepared for the fact that there are times, with deadlines looming and assignments pressing that you need to create a study space that is conducive to learning. Sometimes, lounging on the sofa is not the best space.

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  1. Accountability

If you take an online class you have to make sure that you organize your schedule well to let you finish your course with no problem at all. Aside from organizing the schedule, you have to be committed in practice, camera on or camera off.

Now that the pros and cons of online learning is given, let’s try to tackle the face-to-face side.

Face-to-face classes

A face-to-face class is a class where a teacher and a student are present at the same place and at the same time discussing a lesson. It is the traditional way of learning and a lot of people are more comfortable and find it more convenient. In my case as a teacher, I prefer to have this type of class but all my classes are flexible to the two types that I am discussing here.


  1. Motivation

When we try to search online for something we want to learn, we usually end up reading things or having a class on the internet barely learning anything. Having a face to face is a good way to start up your motivation because we can interact directly with someone physical. Being in contact with someone in person can make us more motivated to understand things through that person’s guidance.

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  1. Hits the spot!

Nothing really beats a physical class when it comes to asking questions. You can ask directly and ask for more. Online classes tend to have some ambiguity in answering questions or may be very technical that one would think the teacher assumes the student has made some research about it beforehand. The student might be left hanging after the class. On the other hand, physical class really hits the spot!

  1. Better Networking

Networking is everywhere in business today more so than ever. Yes, there is on-line networking, or on discussion forums. But it is just not as effective as real life human interaction. From handshake to body language, to the ability to quickly draw something on a flipchart (or napkin): It’s not the same. This is a huge bonus in face-to-face class, where you can network with the trainer and the other participants alike.

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  1. Deeper talks

I am not talking about fancy talks. What I mean is the depth of the discussion. Whenever we talk or have conversation with someone in person, the topic goes deeper and more detailed. This thing also happens the same way as a physical class. The teacher and the student will get more ideas to discuss related to the topic. If in a group class, many students will state some insights so more and more ideas will surface.

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  1. Heavy Value

Online learning has its perks when it comes to validity but a physical class is more reliable when it comes to showing off credentials (not in a sense of “bragging rights” of course 😉 ) A lot of companies prefer to hire someone who got their education from a physical school. The reason for this one is that online classes might not have the practical activities needed to practice skills or it may be not as good as the physical classes have.


  1. It’s a bit tight in time.

Physical classes have a very hectic time schedule. If you have one, you have to make sure to prepare your things early before the time and have to consider some factors before going to the class. Of course, it’s not really that bad but when you’re a person with a messy schedule, this is a heads up.

  1. It closes right in.

If you’re an introvert or a shy type of person who finds it hard to communicate with some people, then this class is not for you. Some people are not good at adjusting to their environment. It may be difficult for them to talk to some people in person especially in a group class setting.

  1. Costs an arm and a leg!

Yeah, here is the number one problem with physical classes. They are expensive. Well, you can find a more affordable alternative for a school but you still need to spend a huge amount of money. Unlike online classes where you can enroll in a shorter term, you need to enroll in longer terms in a physical class. It’s not just that. This problem is not only due to the high price of tuition fees but you also have to consider multiple factors such as transpo expenses, food, a place to stay if you’re from out of town and many more.

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Wrapping Up

Well, now that I have told you of the pros and cons of each type of classes, It is your choice to which class you prefer. Think about this as a guide the next time you want to study English.

Thanks for reading and see you on my next blog.

This blog is written by Teacher Kirk. Kirk has been teaching English for over 3 years. He is passionate about teaching English and make you “sound cool”. Kirk is online now at 3D Online English School. Now book an online 1:1 class within him and let’s discuss some Sitcom funny moments and learn English together. You can sign up and claim your 2 free classes now at:



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