September 23, 2020

Travel in the Philippines

Palawan. The Best Tourist Paradise.

Hello, my dear readers. Today I want to share with you some attractions on the most touristic island in the Philippines. Some might disagree with me and claim that Boracay is the best island for travelers. But, according to local people and my friends who had visited both islands, I can say confidently that Palawan the best because of the budget-friendliness, interesting locations and the availability of both touristic and non-touristic places all in the same island. For some, of course, you know about Palawan. For all others, please sit back, relax and take a cup of coffee. Let’s make a virtual journey to Palawan.

Photo by Cris Tagupa on Unsplash

#1. Isla Blanca, Taytay.

The small coral island with white and pink sands. This island is suitable for those who want to escape from the noise of big city and behold the beauty of nature.

Photo by Sam Hull on Unsplash

Coconut palm, tiny beach, observed deck to bay, blue water and clear sky invite you to visit one of the most beautiful and not touristic place in the Palawan.

#2. Balabac group of islands.

What do you imagine if I say «Palawan»? Of course, beaches. And Balabac group of islands is a variety of resorts, activities, uninhabited locations. Mostly, the islands are either private islands or uninhabited.

If you never had this experience you should try to stay in the uninhabited island. Just realize – you are in the sea on the small island, surrounding just azure water and clear sky. Nobody bother you and you can immerse to a mellow atmosphere. I am not sure that you can stay there as long as you can because this is boat trip and have limit of time. But I am sure that if you have money and some opportunities you can afford it.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Also with a private island, where you can make an agreement with the owner to stay there as long as you want with benefits of civilization unlike the uninhabited Islands. Inside this group of islands have very fascinating locations. First is Onuk Island, which began famous by Photo «Into the Green Zone», winner of National Geographic, 2011,photographer George Tapan. And second location is Pink Beach of Comiran Island.

Photo by kilarov zaneit on Unsplash

The sand on the beach looks pink due to the huge amount of fine red coral that mixes with the white sand and gives it a pink hue. You still think that Boracay better? Let’s check by yourself.

#3. Port Barton.

The most budgetary location for you. This is not touristic and not popular place for visitors unlike El Nido and Puerto Princessa, the nearest places to Port Barton. However, a lot of tourists don’t know about it. A long white beach, clear blue water, coconut jungle, water activities and more waiting time for your visit.

Photo by Michael Olsen on Unsplash

Port Barton is undeveloped so that’s why it so budgetary way for many people. What you can do there? Not only lie down on the white beach, but also diving, snorkeling, hiding through the jungle to hidden waterfalls and feel the beauty of being there. Nightlife is also present on the island, but don’t expect that bars open during whole night, usually they will close around 12 o’clock. Local people called Port Barton the sleepy seaside town and they absolutely right.

Photo by Mojo Movies on Unsplash

Empty beaches, a few tourists, friendly locals, incredible flora and fauna, quiet, appeasement and wonderful atmosphere will gently envelop you and allow you to enjoy the time spent

#4. Roxas.

This location cannot offer you a large number of beaches, expensive hotels and luxurious service. Most likely, this is the same budget location for tourists, but no less interesting. You can walk through the jungle under the supervision of an experienced guide to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls hidden in the forest, swim in it and feel like a pioneer.

Photo by Nate Neelson on Unsplash

But the most interesting attraction that attracts people to Roxas is the flight of thousands of giant fruit bats (vegetarian bats). They fly over the city every night before sunset and I think this is a very exciting sight. According to tourists who watched this, the best location is the local pier, which overlooks not only the flight of bats, but also the city as a whole, the sea and the sunset. I am sure that unforgettable impressions will not leave you for a long time. If you are staying in Roxas for a day or a few days, be sure to visit the local street market for a variety of cashew nut sweets, as this city is one of the major producers of this type of nut.

Photo by Jenn Kosar on Unsplash

In addition to nutty sweets and snacks, tourists recommend trying the variety of local fruits that you can buy at a low price.

#5. Brooke’s Point

The territory of this administrative center can be called a natural eco park. It is known for its eco-tourism, hiking, fishing and many other things. Beautiful wildlife, stunning waterfalls with natural pools and underground hot springs have become popular attractions with local and foreign tourists. The most popular attraction of this place is a spring with clear fresh water gushing out of the ground.

Photo by Ryan Loughlin on Unsplash

What is unusual here, you ask? The fact is that the spring is in the sea, which is why it is so interesting. Unfortunately, there is very little information on the Internet about this miracle of nature, I would like to tell you more, but I cannot. Perhaps some of you will take note of this location and want to see it with your own eyes.

In conclusion…
That’s all for today, dear friends. As you may have noticed, I have not mentioned the most popular tourist spots in Palawan. I think everyone knows about them and I don’t see any point in writing about it again. Therefore, I tried to introduce you to the new side of this large island, where you can find entertainment and accommodation for every taste and budget. I hope that my information was useful to you and some of you have already thought about visiting Palawan after the quarantine restrictions were lifted. Thank you for reading and see you in my next blog.

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