October 23, 2020

Cebu food

3 Most famous local dishes in Cebu, Philippines

Hi all ESL students out there! How are you guys coping with the pandemic so far? If you are planning to visit Cebu in the future to study English, remember that there are so many more things to do In Cebu, Philippines besides studying English. The beautiful scenery here will take your breath away. Besides, there are a lot of delicious food for you to try here!

Talk about local cuisine, I have to mention the three famous local dish in the Philippines here.

The following three dishes can represent the flavor of Cebu city.


Pochero is beef bone soup, which is made by boiling beef bones with cabbage, corn and other vegetables into a soup. The soup is very fresh and rich. The beef bone marrow, the essence of the beef bone, is dissolved in the soup. After eating, the flavor of butter still stays between the lips and teeth without any greasy feeling.

Crispy Pata

Crisp Pata is a deep-fried pork knuckle deep-fried in a slow fire, and the pork is deep-fried, leaving behind the crispy pork knuckle with meat. When deep-frying, the whole pig’s knuckle is fried and not cut into small pieces. When it is served, it is served as a whole piece on a plate and then cut by itself.

Usually a crispy fried pork knuckle is enough for 4 to 6 people. I am afraid that some people will feel greasy if they eat too much. The special sauce will give it a special flavor. It is completely different from the Chinese braised pork knuckle.


Cebu Roasted Suckling Pig (Lechon) is a whole pig that is grilled over charcoal fire and then cut into pieces for serving. It is also one of the most famous dishes in the Philippines. Roast suckling pigs are usually eaten at two points. They are cut and served with special soy sauce. The skin is crispy and the inner layer is fresh and juicy. It is a taste that will be missed after eating.

At Golden Corwie dinner, there will be a stall with a whole roast suckling pig. It will be sold out on that day. If you want to try it, you need to order one after you sit down.

These three famous Cebu dishes are available in Cafe Laguna, Golden Cowrie and Abuhan Uno restaurants. But Abuhan Uno is more famous for Pochero, Golden Cowrie is more famous for Lechon, and Cafe Laguna is more famous for its comfortable and high-end environment.

If you come to Cebu next time, remember to give these local cuisines and restaurants a try!

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