October 9, 2020

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Introducing Yuehe Historic District in Jiaxing City, my hometown

I had a video call with my wife the other night. Due to the COVID-19, I was stationed overseas and couldn’t meet my family physically for a long time. We had a long chat.  During the conversations, I couldn’t help but started missing my hometown, Jiaxing. The feeling of homesickness was lingering my mind for so long. So today I decided to introduce my hometown of Jiaxing to my readers, and more specifically, the Yuehe Historic District in Jiaxing City.

Jiaxing is located in the southern part of China, belonging to Zhejiang Province. The Yuehe Historic District is one of the most complete and largest urban areas in Jiaxing City. The district is well-known for the historic atmosphere and the Jiangnan  water town that defines her residential and cultural characteristics.

The Yuehe Historic District is located in Huating Street, Jiaxing City, and Jiahe Beijing  Central Business District, surrounded by Huancheng North Road, Jianguo North Road, Hexing South Road and Tongle Road.

For more than 1700 years, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal has passed along the southern side of the Yuehe Historic District. Both sides of the canal have been illuminated with lights, official boats and boats, and shuttled endlessly, a bustling commercial scene.

The basic pattern of Yuehe Block is the parallel to “Three Rivers and Three Streets”-the “Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal”, “Waiyue River”, and “Liyue River”. They are basically parallel and meet near Beili Bridge. The spatial layout is extremely Unique; the three streets of “Zhongji Road”, “Tan Nong” and “Xiu Shui Dou Street” have become prosperous commercial areas due to their close proximity to the canal and Fucheng. There are many shops on both sides of the former “Zhongji Road”, and it is busy with merchants.

The alleys and small streets are winding and criss-crossing. The small rivers and alleys, old houses, etc. restore and show the strong style of the ancient water town. In the scenic area, there are six venues including Jiangxi Guild Hall, Goldfish Yard, Dachang Pawnshop, Jiahe Water Station, Gaogongsheng Sauce Garden, and God of Wealth Hall. Yuehe District is a tourist attraction where you can visit the bustling  old style of Jiangnan Fucheng and taste the delicious local food.

The project integrates entertainment, shopping, leisure, catering and tourism.

To the north of Zhongji Road, the streets and lanes are staggered, and the food is delicate The six major venues and the flower and bird market resonate.

Tan Nong leisure area, which is near the bridge water, is distinguished by her amorous style. A well mixed of quiet wood and the busy bar club entertainment. This area offers you both distinctly different atmosphere and different worlds all in one place. It is wonderful.

In the residential and inn area, Kang Nong Kuan, the clear water is slowly curving along the river. Go to the top of Huan Shang Gu Building to overlook the birdview of the city at night, and watch the riverflowing before going for a goodnight sleep. That would make the best day in your lives.

I love my hometown Jiaxing. I hope everyone can come to visit Jiaxing for traveling one day. Mark this place in your bucket list and I will see you there 🙂

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