October 29, 2020

Welcome to Russia

Welcome to mystical Russia

Good afternoon, my dear readers, how are you? Today I would like to continue introducing to you the mystical places in my country. As far as I know you really like this kind of topic and I will be glad to share with you some fascinating information.

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Russia is very big country and hidden inside are lots of secrets and undiscovered riddles, some of them I have already described in my previous article. According to to many skeptics, mysterious places are just games of your mind, everything has a scientific explanation and nothing mysterious exist but I wouldn’t agree with this conviction.

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At any way, it senselessly denies that in the world lies a lot of anomalies, which are really terrifying to a certain extent. So if you are ready to read about the chilling disappearance stories, sinister creatures, inhabiting at these places and more, please sit back, switch your light off and let’s start.

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#1. Arkaim, Chelyabinskaya oblast’.

This ancient city was found unexpectedly during the building new reservoir in 1987. Since that time the work was stopped and began the story of the most mystical and argued city.

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The first oddities began during excavations when one young lady archeologist heard the strange voice and went to it way. She wasn’t able to listen somebody and neglecting her colleagues while she went to source of sound. After some time she recovered in the center of the city, even although she didn’t know the right road, and among strange and screamed creatures.

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Later she was going crazy and needed the help of psychologist. It is very sad story and many people experienced the same. However, nowadays this attraction still is attractive for a lots. Scientists argue about origin this place, some of them convinced that Arkaim older then Egyptian Pyramids, some of them prove that in this place Aryan race was arisen, some of them think that the city is cradle of humanity. But not only scientists pay attention to Arkaim, esoterics and magicians consider this place as powerful and magnificent, they come here to make some rites, charge the energy of this mystical area and hardly convince that it is portal between worlds.

#2. Vidimskoe urochishe. Irkutskaya oblast’.

This eerie place still scare local inhabitants and visitors, the fact is that here inexplicable and without a trace people disappear and I now I speak not about one or two persons, I speak about group of people. According to local folks, this place is considered as Bermuda Triangle, from where nobody can find exit.

Photo by Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

If you have plan to visit this supernatural location, be ready to heard a lot of paranormal stories, bound with this area. During the World Second War there was disappearing long train with all members of crew, also some group with big number of scientists, who came there to discover an anomaly. People watch the strange equal rings on the surface of lake, which is in this place, and also bright balls in the sky. Of course, local people believe in aliens and they explain everything by this.

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Visitors, locals lost in this area but also they believe in magic of Dead lake, to be more precise, in mermaids and drowned souls. When dark time envelopes the village, nobody goes to the lake, every fisherman tryes to come back home before sunset because according to local legend, mermaids can charm you their beauty and nice voise and you can lost control and follow them, immersing deeper and deeper.

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And of course, according to esoterics, this place is crossroad of two worlds, which open sometimes, and they explain all disappearances by transition to another dimension. True it or false, nobody knows but we will not deny the fact of anomalies in this place, even scientists can’t explain all horror stories scientifically.

#3. Lake Labynkyr, Yakutia.

In Yakutia are a lots of lake but the one of them pays attention all local scientists and people, it is lake Labynkyr and the monster living there. Some of people watch it with their eyes, some of them just heard about it, at any way have a lots of documents, proving the existence of underwater creature. The most interesting fact is that has no one road to this lake, you can arrive there by helicopter or horse.

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However, according to local people, one crazy man lived at the shore of lake for a long time and had some friendship with the monster, human brought victims for him and the creature didn’t hurt him. But one of the day this human was sick and other people brought him to the hospital, when the man recovered he was scared and just told «Exactly I will die». He didn’t thanks for saving his health and life, just hurry up to come back. Since that time he disappeared, monster didn’t forgive his absence.

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After some time divers decided to discover the lake and finally find the monster but their attempts was failed, they didn’t find anything under water but detected strange footprints, leading from the water to the shore at another side of the lake. Who or what it was? It is still undiscovered. A lot of attempts to catch this monster was failed again and again. Maybe is it just game of mind? Maybe nothing Ives in these waters, just imagination draw the terrible picture. Or not? How do you think, my dear readers? Do you believe in existence of some supernatural creatures in the world? Leave your comments, I will be glad to discuss it with you.
In conclusion….
My dear friends, thank you for reading to the end, I hope my article was interesting and funny for you. I will continue to write such topic in one of my next blogs. Please share it with your friends, take care, have a good mood and remember – the world is bigger then seems to you and if you can’t watch something it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. See you soon.

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