November 8, 2020

Cebu food

What are the must-try fruits in the Philippines?

Philippines is a tropical country. Hence, there are many varieties of fruits easily available here. They are all delicious and worth tasting.

When I went to the largest traditional market in Cebu City, Carbon Market, my friend said that the fruits at the Carbon Market are all transported from the nearby mountains, so the freshness is without doubt.

The Sweet Elena

It’s so sweet! At the first bite, I was surprised by the sweet and juicy taste of this fruit. The Guinness Book of World Records once recorded “The Sweet Elena” as the sweetest mango in the world. If you ever come to Cebu, you must come and taste it . Those who don’t like sweet fruits should bring a jar of water. At least try it.

Not only the whole yellow ripened “The Sweet Elena” was seen at the stall of Carbon Market, there were also green mangoes. According to local friends, whether it is yellow or green mangoes, they are very suitable for cooking and desserts. Like green mangoes, Filipinos will soak them in “Bagoong” which is a local salted fish sauce. Usually used for pickling, the green mango is mixed with the salted fish sauce, and it has become a must-have food for locals.

The so-called making the best use of everything is exactly this principle. You will find that the Filipinos love mangoes and their love for mangoes is fully demonstrated in all kinds of local cuisine.


“Rambutan” is a Malay word, meaning “Flurry stuff”. Rambutan is full of dense red hair. It looks like lychee without shaved hair. It is about the same size as lychee, but the shell is thicker than lychee. If you peel it with your nails, you may get hurt. A local friend taught me. The trick is to hold the upper and lower ends of the Rambutan with both hands, and then unscrew the shell in reverse at the same time. This method won’t hurt your hands and is hygienic.

Rambutan has a sweet taste of lychee and slightly acidic grapes. The meat is soft and nutritious. Local friends recommend Rambutan for beauty, but you should pay attention and not eat it too much as there is high contain of glucose in this fruit. If you eat too much, It’s fattening and bad for your health.


Avocado is very cheap in the Philippines. You can buy it for less than 10 pesos (USD $0.20). In addition, one of the signature flavors of Arce Dairy, a local ice cream brand in the Philippines, is avocado ice cream. The refreshing and delicious taste is very popular for both the locals and tourists. 


Langsat doesn’t have bright colors and looks like an ordinary fruit, but it just can’t tell its name. The pulp is transparent, tastes like grapefruit, sweet and juicy, and slightly sour.

You should pay special attention when tasting langsat. The number one fan of langsat, scorpion, not only frequents the langsat  tree, but also hides inside the fruits. It has happened before when someone was eating langsat, he was stung by the poisonous scorpion lying in the fruit. Hence, you must be extremely careful when eating langsat.

The Camuguin province of the Philippines holds the Langsat Festival every October to celebrate the harvest of langsat. Every time you come to this festival, the island will be very lively. Local friends recommend us to have a chance to visit.

The most interesting thing in Southeast Asia is tropical fruits, which are rich in species and nutrients. In addition to the relatively rare fruits mentioned above, there are also many other fruits more commonly known by everyone such as lemon (Calamansi), banana, coconut, papaya, pineapple, durian and custard apple (Atis) and so on. You can try all of them when you go to the Carbon Market in Cebu. What are you waiting for? Start planning your next trip to Cebu after the COVID-19 pandemic soon!

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