January 15, 2021

Welcome to Russia

Welcome to contrast region of Russia. Yakutia.

Good afternoon, my dear readers, how are you? Today we will take a trip to a unique place in the Russian Federation. This is Yakutia.

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I have already written about the coldest city on the planet, located in Yakutia, and today I would like to share with you information about the desert among the lakes, the valley of death and the glacier located on this territory. I am sure that you have already felt interest in what sights and secrets this region hides, so sit down, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

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A little of History…

Yakutia is the largest region in Russia, but the population density in this region is one of the lowest in the country. More than 40 percent of the territory of this region is located beyond the Arctic Circle, and forests occupy 4/5 of Yakutia. The republic is distinguished by a long winter and short summer period, low temperatures, as well as an abundance of animals, birds, rare plants, many rivers and lakes. 2/3 of the territory of this region is occupied by mountains and only a small part of the lowland.

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Summer is the time for white nights: the length of daylight hours reaches 20 hours at the latitude of Yakutsk, and in the north the sun shines around the clock without going over the horizon. In winter, the low altitude of the sun causes a short day throughout the territory of Yakutia, and beyond the Arctic Circle, polar nights come, darkness and twilight reign for several months. Sometimes, on a clear night, the sky is lit up with bright flashes of the northern lights. The winter is long, cold and with little snow. Yakutia (aka the Republic of Sakha) is an ideal place for romantic travelers. This is a country of dense taiga wilds and vast tundra expanses, harsh mountain ranges and boundless icy Arctic distances, original culture and kind-hearted people.

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#1. Buluus glacier.

A unique source of fresh, clean underground water forms layers of ice that do not melt even on the hottest day. Pure snow-white ice, sparkling in the sun, contrasts beautifully with green conifers, grass and a hot summer day, and in winter, even in the most severe frosts, water comes out of the ground and spreads over the surface, forming incredible patterns when freezing.

Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

The glacier is an amazing natural monument that attracts crowds of tourists. On a hot summer day, where else can you ride down the ice slide in some shorts, visit one of the ice caves or plunge into the scalding cold water in the middle of a sunny day? If you are interested in contrasts and unusual experiences, then Buluus is the place to be.

#. 2 The valley of the death.

For several centuries, shamans of Yakutia and eyewitnesses have been talking about mysterious constructions, similar to boilers, in the taiga. Why is this area called Death Valley?

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash

The fact is that people who spend the night or are near these structures, after a while begin to get sick, go bald, become covered with an unknown rash, and some die. The main cause of these diseases is radiation emanating from strange boilers, but this radiation is not of terrestrial origin. Many eyewitnesses claim that inside the cauldrons, which are gradually sinking into the ground, there are several metal rooms that hunters or lost people used as a lodging for the night.

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According to various sources, these rooms contain bones, cabinets and furniture, different from the one used by people, as well as a tightly closed compartment with a small window through which sarcophagi or capsules can be seen, inside which, as scientists believe, unearthly life still glimmers. One of the versions of the appearance of these boilers was the accident of a space plane, as a result of which the main body crashed into the ground at high speed and disintegrated into several parts, so eyewitnesses found several similar structures in different parts of the Yakut taiga. Why did they find it? Because in our time, these structures are almost impossible to find, several expeditions, Russian and foreign, tried to find a mysterious random burial of aliens, but they never found anything. According to one version, the boilers went underground, forever hiding all the secrets with them, according to another, that the remains of the plane were taken by representatives of an unearthly race. It is up to you, dear readers, which version to believe or not, you can read about it in detail here and make your own opinion.

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#3. Tulucans. Mysterious dunes

Tulukans are sand dunes in the middle of the taiga of Yakutia. Their origin has been studied for more than one century and this place attracts not only scientists, but also travelers from all over the world. To be honest, I myself did not know that Yakutia has its own desert, although it is difficult to call this place a desert, there are several differences such as climate, vegetation, shape and composition of grains of sand.

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

The dunes are surrounded by freshwater lakes full of fish, coniferous forests, there is a lot of vegetation in the sands and local animals often visit these dunes, which completely distinguishes the Yakut desert from a real lifeless desert. Snowboarding or skiing on the sand dune is a favorite pastime of local and visiting tourists. According to scientists, the Yakutsk desert appeared as a result of glaciation about 20,000 years ago and its formation is still going on. What we will see at this place in a few years is interesting now.

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash
In conclusion…
My dear readers, thank you for reading, I hope you liked my article today and already think to visit this amazing region, filling of masterpieces of nature and mystical riddles of humanity. In my next articles I will find more interesting information. I will be glad to see your feedback, leave comments, dream more, keep a good mood and take care. See you soon.

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