February 26, 2021

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European replicas in the Philippines. Part 2

Good afternoon, my dear readers, how are you? Today I would like to continue sharing with you some stunning places in the Philippines, which resemble European places. If you didn’t read my first part of this article, you can click here. If you want to know more about these amazing places, please sit back, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

Photo by Jarm Rafols on Unsplash

#7. Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Spain in the Philippines.

If you walk along the streets of this city, you will get the feeling that you are not in Asia, but in a Spanish city. This city is included in the UNESCO heritage list. Before the Spaniards came to this territory, Chinese traders lived here and this was their small territory.

Photo by Lindbergh Paimalan on Unsplash

Some time after the Spaniards divided the territory and founded the city, they invited the Chinese to move to other areas. The city was named Vigan and is now a well-preserved replica of a typical colonial city from the time of the Spanish conquerors. The locals are a beautiful blend of Chinese and Spanish roots.

Photo by Assy Gerez on Unsplash

A unique blend of Filipino and Spanish architecture and culture is unparalleled in Asia. The roads are decorated with cobbled tiles, and there are antique shops everywhere. European architecture gives the impression that you are in the past without leaving the Philippines. Vigan is a famous city in the archipelago for carriages as a means of transportation on roads, fabrics and clay pots, and are the most popular souvenirs you can bring home as a memory of a unique historical treasure and an unforgettable time spent in the city of the past.

Photo by Rhea Claire Gomez on Unsplash

#8. Kaparkan falls, Abra, Turkey in the Philippines

This waterfall was discovered relatively recently, in 2015, but has already become the most visited among locals and travelers. There are many waterfalls in the Philippines, powerful, large and small, but this waterfall cannot be compared with anything, unless you compare it with the Turkish landmark – Pamukkale.

Photo by Arns Civray on Unsplash

Both of these waterfalls are united by a cascade of limestone pools, in which people love to relax so much. The waterfall in Abra is accessible during the rainy season, the rest of the time the limestone pools remain empty and you cannot look at them because the territory of this attraction is closed during the dry season. If you have always wanted to watch the water flow down the multi-tiered pools and enjoy relaxation in its azure waves, welcome to the Turkish replica in the Philippines – Kaparkan Falls

Photo by Daniela Cuevas on Unsplash

#9. Mahogany forest, Bohol, Japan in the Philippines

If you do not know anything about the man-made forest yet, I would like to introduce you to a rather unusual landmark that slightly resembles the Sagano bamboo forest in Kyoto.

Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

The Philippine forest has repeatedly become a film set for various genres of local cinema. This two-kilometer artificial forest was created as part of a reforestation project. Many travelers admire the even planting and height of the mahogany planted. The forest is divided by a road, and the trees give the impression of a living green tunnel.

Photo by Mark Ramirez on Unsplash

Some do not see anything special in this beauty, but everyone will agree on one thing – the forest is very quiet. No rustle of small animals or birdsong is heard. This is a very beautiful but dead forest. The fact is that the territory is planted with mahogany species that are not native to the local flora and fauna, so forest life is not in full swing here. This forest is worth visiting, if only to hear how silence sounds in a living forest, but also for those who have already visited a Japanese landmark to understand that these two forests are beautiful in their own way.

Photo by Ian Nicole Reambonanza on Unsplash

#10. Fortune Island, Batangas, Greece in the Philippines.

Do you want to feel like a god at the top of Olympus? Then I want to introduce you to one very interesting attraction that resembles the Greek Acropolis. This is Fortune Island, which is located far from the noisy bustle, surrounded by white beaches, washed by the gentle waters of the turquoise sea, and Greek columns are installed on it. Why not heaven?

Photo by Bhanvi Mehta on Unsplash

According to information from the Internet, these columns, as well as a small house with a pool and a quarter were erected specifically for the local government official, as if resembling a Greek temple, a place for the rest of the gods, but in 2006 the island remained abandoned for many years. There are several reasons named – from financial to mystical, complete lack of fresh water and frequent typhoons, which are gradually turning the island into ruins. In 2013, the island again opened its doors to the public and now everyone can take a fantastic photo on Instagram against the background of Greek columns and no one will know where you really are. However, do not forget that the island is shrouded in mystical secrets and why it was named the Island of Fortune – like a magnet it attracts shipwrecks, cyclones, typhoons and destruction. That is why the locals carelessly called it the Island of Fortune. Also, the locals will tell you about a beautiful girl who, with a full moon, climbs the stairs, passes between the Greek columns and falls off the cliff. By the way, human remains were actually found on the island in white sand, but whether they belong to this mysterious lady or not and what really happened to her, no one knows. Only local legends, overgrown with new versions, can tell you the story, which you can hear if you yourself visit this unreal tropical paradise with a slight touch of Greek elegance.

In conclusion…
My dear readers, thank you so much for reading, I hope you like my article today and I will be glad to see your comments. Perhaps you did not know much about the Philippines but I will find more stunning information for you in my next blog. Keep a good mood, take care and see you soon.

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