February 17, 2021

Basic information about the Philippines

The Filipino healer. Truth or myth?

Good afternoon, my dear readers, how are you? First of all I would like to say thank you for reading and active discussion my previous post, I was glad to see your comments, and today I would like to share with you the most inexplicable phenomenon at the Philippines – the healer. Who is it?

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Why the topic about people, using not traditional methods of medicine, still excites a lot of people’s mind in the world? How was it appeared and really it can help you? If you are interested, please sit back, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

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#1. The healer. Who is he?

The Healer is a person who uses alternative medicine to treat diseases and there are a lots of kind of healers at the Philippines who use different ways and healing techniques.

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Some of them use herbs and healing infusions, somebody do massage and recommend a specific meal plan, others prefer to use the prayers, but today I would like to tell you about the especial type of the healers – the psychic surgeon, who performs surgical operations without using any instruments, by means of special manipulations.

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#2. How did they appear?

The Philippine traditional medicine was known before the arrival of the Spaniards to these lands and seafarers and traders from China described the miraculous healing infusions of the Filipino islanders, which helped to heal sailors and merchants from tropical diseases, and researchers also found many confirmations of the effectiveness of Philippine traditional medicine, which has always been based on natural ingredients.

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With the spread of Catholicism in the archipelago, folk healing began to be recognized as shamanism and was persecuted by the church and authorities, but Spanish medicine was powerless in the fight against tropical diseases and people still continued to seek help from local healers.

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With the development of the Philippines, medicine is still expensive and not always accessible to most residents, so people also turn not only for herbal infusions, but also psychic surgeons who perform operations without a single incision on the body. What is the secret of the popularity of psychic surgeons? According to one version, such people are the descendants of ancient divine beings and their gift is highly valued and passed on from generation to generation, according to another version, these are ordinary scammers who are trying to get rich on someone else’s grief.

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#3. The psychic surgeon. The truth or the myth?

How does the treatment of such a healer begin? With the determination of the diagnosis, which he can make upon presentation of medical documents (The healers don’t have medical education) or by connecting to the patient’s energy field and scanning it (clairvoyance).

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After the diagnosis is determined, the patient lies on the operating table, which is not very similar to the medical one, the doctor puts the person into a trance with special techniques, massages the problem area and, when a tumor or disease is detected, pulls the disease out of the person’s body without a single incision. Despite the fact that the blood and parts of organs in the hands of the doctor are real and the person sees the whole procedure, but does not experience pain. According to all the laws of physics, it is impossible to extract anything from the human body without a single incision, therefore such methods of treatment cause many controversy, as well as the sanitary conditions where the operation is performed.

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If you visit a psychic surgeon in the city, then you may be lucky with hygiene, which cannot be said about village surgeons, where there is no sanitation at all. The operation usually takes from 10 seconds to 3-4 minutes, after which there is an instant recovery. But, unfortunately, not always. There are cases when special tourist groups were created from people with incurable diseases who came to the Filipino healer for the last hope for life. After the operations performed, people stopped treating the disease with mementos, confident of their recovery, the disease worsened and people died. However, there are also cases when patients took the remains of the disease with them and later did a DNA analysis for compliance. Indeed, these were parts of their organs, and the disease disappeared. Many of the patients were able to prove that the blood and parts of organs were chicken offal, the healer, before removing the disease from a person, briefly hides his hands under the operating table. Sleight of hand and no cheating. However, there are cases when local or world celebrities came to psychic surgeons and really recovered.

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Where is the truth? There are such healers in the Philippines, it’s true, but as a rule there are very few of them and the queue for them is scheduled for months or years in advance, but there are many scammers who make money on other people’s diseases, not realizing that they are taking away the only last hope for life from a person, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a local or a foreigner. All of you are familiar with the concept of self-hypnosis, unconditional belief in healing can work miracles and psychic surgeons are well aware of this, perhaps they are simply mediating between your faith and illness to help you heal yourself, while doing a terrible but effective impressive ritual. And people, clinging to the thread of life, are ready to believe in anything and later pay dearly if self-deception did not help.

In conclusion…
My dear readers, thank you for reading, I hope you liked my article today and I would like to see your comments, what you think about the healers, do you believe in such methods of medicine? If you don’t mind, I would like to add from myself – all illnesses begin in our mind, if you carry negativity in you, you will receive it as a disease, so even in bad situations look for good and useful things, take care of yourself and be happy. Thank you and see you soon.

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