February 26, 2021

Welcome to Russia

Mysterious labyrinths of Russia.

Good afternoon, my dear readers, how are you? Today I would like to share with you something new, I am going to tell you about mysterious labyrinths, which located in my country. If you are interested, please sit back, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

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A little of History…

A maze is a structure made up of many intricate paths to the exit. In mythology, the labyrinth is given great importance, it is believed that with its help you can confuse evil spirits and protect the deity or treasure located in the labyrinth.

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The first thing that can be remembered is the Greek myth of Theseus, who killed the monster Minotaur in the labyrinth, thereby freeing the Greek people. Theseus did not get lost in the maze thanks to the thread that Ariadne gave him and which helped him find a way out. If we turn to Asian culture, then here you can also see labyrinths, people built the entrance to houses in the form of a labyrinth, believing that evil spirits can fly only in a straight trajectory, there are many similar structures not only in the homeland of Greek myths, but also in Egypt, the Scandinavian countries , Asian and European.

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In Russia, the discovery of such labyrinths is associated with pagan rituals that appeared long before the emergence of Christianity. Which of the labyrinths in Russia do you know, dear readers? Today I would like to tell you about the mysterious structures located in different parts of my large country. Who were they built by, and most importantly for what purpose? Let’s figure it out together.

#1. Solovetsky labyrinths, Arkhangelsk region

One of the largest known and unexplained labyrinths in Russia, it is lined with stone fragments in the form of semicircles converging in the center. Do not be afraid, in this maze you will not get lost because the height of the stones is so small that you can easily exit the maze in any direction. But let’s look at several versions of why these stone paths were built.

Source : https://polar-aurora.com/soloveckie-labirinty/
So, the first version is сult of the dead. There are a lot of similar structures in the world that are located next to burial grounds, the Solovetsky labyrinths were no exception, only the burials were found under it, who owned the remains and when this happened, unfortunately, there is practically no such information. And the labyrinths were built so that the souls of the dead would forever remain in captivity underground and would not find a way out.

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One can only guess who these unfortunates were, whose souls were so cruelly forced to wander in the labyrinth, perhaps they were very powerful magicians who used their gift for dark purposes. This also includes the version that such structures were built by the ancient shaman and who communicated with their ancestors in the center of the labyrinth, not allowing the souls of the dead to enter the world of the living.

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The second version is scientific, the labyrinth was built by ancient people for fishing. According to scientists, the sea level in ancient times was much higher and fishermen specially laid out stone spiral paths so that the fish got entangled between them and could not leave the trap at low tide.

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This version also takes place, only scientists are still arguing about the effectiveness of this fishing method, and as studies have shown, sea silt was not found at this place, the exception is a small reservoir, which is located not far from the labyrinths. Fishing in a body of water or on the seashore does not require such cunning and complex devices as a labyrinth, most likely this was also part of the ritual to attract more abundant catch. But according to one version, this labyrinths were built by poor people who did not have money for fishing equipment. Well, this version may also be true.

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The third version is ritual. This is perhaps one of the most discussed versions of the origin of the Solovetsky labyrinths, because the scientific explanation sometimes breaks all the riddles and secrets that people love to believe in. So some people think that this is a portal, an entrance to another world. Perhaps these are just inventions of people whose imaginations can draw any pictures, but statements that one can get lost in this labyrinth and get out of it in another dimension are quite often mentioned in local legends, as well as loss of time or consciousness. Many people believe that this labyrinth is a place of power and that what he feels here depends only on the energy of a person. If there is little energy, then you will not feel anything, go through the labyrinth and call it all nonsense, but if you have an extrasensory gift, you can find all your answers here. So, for example, there is a legend that in the center of the labyrinth you need to make a wish and it will definitely come true. Whether it really works or is it just the power of self-hypnosis is difficult to say, but the Solovetsky labyrinth has become a place of power for many magicians, psychics and all those who believe in the existence of another world in the labyrinth.

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And finally, the fourth version of the appearance of the solovetsky labyrinth is unearthly. Yes, where without aliens. Few locals believe that the labyrinth was built by aliens long before the appearance of mankind as a landmark for their airfield. The labyrinth is really clearly visible from a height, only the aliens, alas, have never been seen.

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In conclusion…
My dear readers, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed my article today. Leave a feedback and I will be glad to read your comments. On my own I want to add – there are many versions for which the Solovetsky labyrinth was built. I described only a small part of them, and each of them has the right to exist as long as they believe in it, I can only assume that this ancient labyrinth was built by ancient children in as entertainment, and modern scientists are puzzled over its purpose. Perhaps it was just child’s play, without any meaning or sense. Which version do you believe? Keep a good mood, take care and welcome to Russia.

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