February 20, 2021

Welcome to Russia

What you didn’t know about Russia. The mystical places.

Good afternoon, my dear readers, how are you? Today I would like to continue my topic about the mystical places in Russia and I am going to tell you about something exciting and inexplicable, and I hope you will like my article.

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I know how you like such topics and let’s try to discover it together. What about I am going to tell you? About mystical staircase to heaven and who put heavy stones on the top of the mountain, about the most beautiful road in Russia and how to «please the bony». If you already feel an interest, please sit back, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

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#1. Mount Vottovaara, Karelia

One of the most interesting, popular and mysterious places in Russia is enveloped by incredible legends and big secrets, which still undisclosed. Not only scientists arrive there but also psychics and magicians, considering that this mount is place of huge power, energy and also, according to many opinions of local inhabitants, they call it «Mount of the Death», people are sure that there is the portal to another world.

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The discover of the Mount began with the discovery of mysterious structures, the origin of which no one can explain to this day, later many more unusual finds were added to them. When you visit the mountain, the first thing that catches your eye is the twisted trees, as if a fairy-tale giant twisted them with his strong hands, and perhaps you will feel uncomfortable surrounded by silence and such a strange and sick beauty, there are no animals and birds do not build their nests on gnarled branches.

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The next rather unusual phenomenon on the mountain is cut stones, weighing more than a ton, but neatly and very precisely cut in the middle like a very sharp knife. Who did it? There are still no answers, as well as the mysterious structures on the top of the mountain, which the locals call seid boulders.

Photo by The AIRDEEz on Unsplash

These are more than a thousand stones of various sizes and weights, laid according to one incomprehensible scheme, but there are suggestions that this structure was used in the pagan rituals of ancient people. But the question is same – who brought these stones, weighing several tons, to the top of the mountain? This question still worries the minds of Russian and foreign researchers. There is another mystery of this place – a staircase to heaven, a stone staircase consisting of 13 steps leading to a cliff. It can be assumed that sacrifices intended for an ancient deity passed along it, some are sure that this is a ladder for unearthly spaceships, along which aliens descended and taught ancient people their knowledge.

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash

In any case, this place is a mystery not only for scientists, but also for psychics who feel an unusual and very powerful energy here and are sometimes afraid to touch some of the stones, feeling the tremendous power emanating from the stone long as they approach it. What do you think of this mountain? Would you like to spend a few days there if you had the opportunity?

#2. Federal highway Kolyma, Eastern Siberia

This road is one of the most beautiful roads in Russia due to its picturesque views. But behind this beauty is a terrible story of its origin.

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In the distant days of repression, this road served as a ferry for millions of prisoners who were transported to Magadan and Kolyma. Criminals, enemies of the government and just innocent people, inconvenient authorities found their death here. In the literal sense, the road is built on human bones, they are the foundation, the length of several thousand kilometers.

Photo by Chelms Varthoumlien on Unsplash

Old locals still tell how many ice-covered corpses lay along and on the side of the road. The weather of Siberia does not indulge in warm days and it is most difficult for not only local residents, but also for the prisoners of those years, in severe frosts, still alive and strong, they killed the weaker ones to get food for them and immediately buried the bodies in the future road. It is still unknown how many people died there, and this story makes the blood freeze in the veins of the drivers driving along this road in the dark. There is even a custom among the locals, called «to please the bony» when it is possible to find the remains of a person, different parts of the skeleton are interpreted in different ways: a skull for promotion, an edge for quiet family happiness, and so on.

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Cars rarely drive through the giant cemetery, and any breakdown of a car can become fatal. Often, local residents found abandoned cars and people frozen to death nearby. According to many drivers, when driving along this road it takes your breath away and you don’t understand from what – either from the surrounding beauty, or from the realization that you are driving on human bones. In any case, this place is saturated with dark energy and many argue that they see exhausting workers on the road, or suddenly a skeleton appears in front of the car, or a stranger is in the car. This is true or a play of imagination from knowing history, you decide, dear readers, but if you like unusual and mystical places, I think it will be interesting for you to ride along this road in order to feel everything yourself and possibly see something unusual.

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In conclusion…
My dear readers, I hope you liked my article today and thank you for reading. As far as you know, Russia is large country and hides a lots of secrets inside, which we will try to discover together. I will try to find more fascinating information about other wonderful locations in my country. I will be glad to see your comments, share what you think about these mysterious places and heard about them before. Keep a good mood, take care of yourself, dream more and welcome to Russia. See you soon.

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