February 5, 2021

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Top 10 tourist attractions in Zhoushan,China

Zhoushan is famous in Zhejiang Province because of Mount Putuo. There are also many scenic spots in the city. Tourists who had been to Zhoushan has very good impression about this place. So what are some of the most interesting places in Zhoushan? Let’s take a look at top 10 most fun places, according to my organization!

Take a look!

1. Wolfberry Island

Gouqi Island is the second largest among the many islands in the eastern region in the list of fun places in Zhoushan. It is very suitable for family vacation trips. There are not many tourists at this point in daily life. Walking in it, blowing the sea breeze and eating local food. Enjoying the sunrise and sunset, it feels great.

2. Putuo Mountain Scenic Area

As a landmark scenic area in Zhoushan, if you miss it in Zhoushan, it can be said to be a pity. It is no exaggeration to say that every day tourists at this spot can be described as a sea of people, so if you go, you must first plan a route. In order to have the most fun.

3. Dongfushan island

This is a very good spot to watch the sunrise. There is a good reason to go there. If you go to the beautiful natural scenery in July and August, the insistence is so beautiful. The island is also divided into many small areas, among which the lively ones The point is Miaozihu Island and Dongji Island is one of the best choices for watching the sunrise.

4. Puji Temple

Puji Temple is the third largest temple on Mount Putuo, and the annual incense is relatively strong. When you walk to the door of the temple, you first change to see the sugar lotus. It feels very peaceful. This commemorative product is relatively cost-effective in terms of price.

5. Baibusha

Zhoushan City is a very famous swimming mecca. Its clear water and fine sand make it a lot of tourists every day, and the surrounding environment is also very beautiful, so you will feel it when you come here when the weather is fine. A different holiday atmosphere.

6. Dinghai Ancient City

In the list of fun places in Zhoushan, Dinghai Ancient City is also a thousand-year-old ancient city that is very worth visiting. It is also the only island-shaped historical and cultural city in my country. There are also many historical sites in the ancient city. There is a bookstore in the ancient city. It is necessary to feel it.

7.Shengshan Island

There are many scenic spots near Shengshan Island. The blue sky and blue sea can be felt here. If it is early in the morning, the photos you take are so beautiful that you want to cry. The accommodation environment on the island is also very good. Yes, if there are explanations, it is more comfortable to play.

8. Lover Island

With its name and super-beautiful natural environment, it attracts a lot of tourists every year. The planning of the attraction is very reasonable, the environment is neat and clean, and it gives people a very comfortable feeling. The area of the attraction is large, so it is not recommended to hike all the time.

9. Dabei  Mountain

The popularity of Dabei Mountain in Zhoushan can be said to be relatively high. It is divided into three parts, each of which gives people a completely different sense of experience. The tourists in the four seasons of the whole point are very uncomfortable. You can feel it when you approach it. Different scenery and slow life.

10. Flower and Bird Lighthouse

The Flower and Bird Lighthouse was established in 1870 on the list of fun places in Zhoushan. There is still a history of it. The surrounding terrain is very suitable for a beautiful photo at sunset, and the air environment here is also super good Yo!

 Wrapping Up

Welcome to Zhoushan, my friends from all over the world. Let’s go travel and explore together soon after COVID-19 end!!

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