February 20, 2021

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Top 5 tourist attractions in Jinhua,China

Jinhua was called Wuzhou in ancient times. It has a history of more than 2,200 years since the establishment of the county in the 25th year of the Qin Dynasty (222 BC). It was named Jinhua because of its “location between the two stars of Venus and her son-in-law”.


Jinhua has two provincial-level tourist resorts, Lanxi and Wuyi, a number of distinctive scenic spots, including the famous China Hengdian Film and Television City, the mysterious Zhuge Bagua Village, and the ancient Fengshui Guodong Ancient Ecological Village. Scenic spots are included in national and provincial tourist routes. Jinhua’s scented tea, rock tea, and bergamot are all well-known in China, while Jinhua ham is famous all over the world for its “four uniques” of color, fragrance, taste and shape. Jinhua’s night pot, Wuyi’s farmhouse dishes, and Lanxi’s snacks make Jinhua’s beauty vivid!

So what are the special places in Quzhou? Let’s take a look together!

1. Hengdian World Studios

Hengdian Film and Television City is located in Dongyang City in the middle of Zhejiang Province, 180 kilometers away from Hangzhou and 95 kilometers from Jinhua. It is adjacent to Yiwu City, a small commodity city in China. It is currently China’s largest film and television shooting base and is known as “China’s Hollywood”. Most of the Chinese costume film and television works were shot here, such as “Hero”, “Promise”, “Gong” and “Scary Step by Step” which everyone is familiar with. Not only can you meet crews and celebrities everywhere, you can even talk about filming or recite scripts in the restaurants on the streets or corners.

2. Zhuge Bagua Village

Zhuge Village, which is located in the northwest of Lanxi, is the largest settlement of Zhuge Liang’s descendants. The village is laid out in nine palaces and eight trigrams, surrounded by mountains and low in the middle, like a huge cornucopia. Centered on the Zhongchi in the center of the village in the form of Tai Chi diagrams, the eight alleys extending to all directions form the inner gossip, and the eight hills outside the village form the outer gossip, so it is also called “Zhuge Bagua Village”.

3. Shuanglong Cave Scenic Area

The scenic spot of Shuanglong Cave is only 15 kilometers away from the downtown area of Jinhua. In the elementary school text, “The Shuanglong Cave in Jinhua” written by Mr. Ye Shengtao is probably the best travel note, making Shuanglong Cave the most popular symbol in Jinhua except for ham. The plot of “lie on your back and swim in a small boat” mentioned in the text is still the most praised experience in Shuanglong Cave.

4. Niutoushan National Forest Park

Niutoushan National Forest Park is 60 kilometers outside of Wuyi City. This place known as “Little Jiuzhai in the South of the Yangtze River” is known for its cliffs, streams, and Bitan. It is also somewhat beautiful, but compared with Jiuzhaigou, it is still a bit inferior. child. Due to the inconvenience of public transportation, most of the tourists who come to Niutoushan are self-driving tourists, not too many tourists.

5. Guodong Ancient Ecological Village

Guodong Ancient Ecological Village is 10 kilometers away from Wuyi County. According to legend, it is an ancient village built by the descendants of Prime Minister He Zhizhong of the Song Dynasty imitating the “Inner Classics”. The bridges and wells in the village are all arranged according to Feng Shui theory and are extremely particular. If you just talk about the scenery, the lush woods and mottled moss of Guodong give people a fresh and deep feeling, and there are not too many traces of modification by later generations. There are many ancient buildings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and it is one of the most worth visiting ancient villages in Wuyi.

Wrapping Up

Welcome to Jinhua, my friends from all over the world. Let’s go travel and explore together soon after COVID-19 end!!

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