March 26, 2021

China Delicacies

Delicious food and souvenirs in Tongxiang,China(Jiaxing Part 4)

In the last article, I have introduced important attractions in Tongxiang . This time I will introduce Delicious food and souvenirs you want to buy in Tongxiang 😄

1. Tongxiang plum

Tongxiang plum product characteristics: huge shape, delicious taste, each prunus fruit has a small mark on the bottom, which is like a nail print. Product ingredients: water, protein, vitamins, calcium. Product season: bloom from late March to early April, Leaves sprouting in early April, hardening in mid-May, and maturing in July. Product function: detoxification, invigorating the stomach, digesting food, promoting blood circulation, resolving stasis, preventing cancer and anti-cancer product history: plum plum is a treasure of Li Zhong, it is a famous local product in Tongxiang. In ancient times, it was often used as a tribute to the emperor’s “tribute fruit”, and it was well-known. The plum was originally produced near the ancient plum city. “Chunqiu” Du Xian said: “There is Licheng in the southwest of Jiaxing County, Wu County, and its real estate is named after Li.” It is said that the ancient Licheng is in Baitao Township, Tongxiang. Today the ancient city is nowhere to be seen, but plums are still produced. There is a large-scale Li Li Garden in Taoyuan Village, Baitao Township.

2. Wuzhen white water fish

Wuzhen white water Fish is one of the local delicacies. Whitewater fish is a wild fish. It grows in pollution-free rivers. Its tender and delicious meat is a rare freshwater treasure. This fish was abundant in the waters near Wuzhen in the past, but the number has decreased in recent years. Generally, white water fish die when they are caught out of the water, but they are preserved properly and their taste remains unchanged. If you encounter live whitewater fish, don’t miss the opportunity. You can let the store kill it alive and steam it to taste its fresh and original flavor. Of course, braising the white water fish in braised and chopped pepper is also a rare delicacy, and even the store will lightly salt the white water fish and then steam it, which is also unique. Reminder: Although this fish is fresh and delicious, it has many bones, so be careful when you eat it. Generally, steamed white water fish is divided into two types, the former should be more than two catties, and it is the top grade. First cut the fish in half, decapitate the tail and take the middle section, dry it with a cloth (don’t wash it with water), spray it with white wine (many people like to use Fenjiu to taste fragrant in the past), then rub the whole body with salt, add ginger slices, violently Marinate for at least 3 hours.

3. Wuzhen Sauce Chicken

Wuzhen Sauce Chicken uses local chickens raised by local farmers in those years as raw materials. During processing, the whole is roasted, the original juice is immersed, and the soup is three times; then it is immersed in the top-grade soy sauce, rice wine, sugar and spices and other condiments; after being out of the pot, a layer of sesame oil has to be coated to complete the process. The finished sauced chicken is cooked repeatedly in the original soup, and the water in the chicken body has basically evaporated, so it is especially easy to store. It is said that it will not be rotten in June and not frozen in the twelfth lunar month. The appearance is soy red and shiny, the entrance is crisp and delicious, and the aftertaste is endless

4. Wuzhen Braised Lamb

The braised mutton in Wuzhen is very particular about the selection of ingredients. It must be made from the “flower-shaped lamb” of the year, that is, Qingnianhu lamb. This lamb has less tender and fat meat, fine and clean skin, and is an indispensable tonic dish in Wuzhen winter season. There is a saying that “a winter of mutton will beat a few catties of ginseng”. The braised mutton in Wuzhen is very particular about the selection of ingredients. It must be made from the “flower-shaped mutton”, namely Qingnianhu mutton. This mutton has less meat and fat, and the skin is tender and creamy. The condiments generally include radish, soy sauce, rice wine, and red dates. , Rock sugar, ginger, etc., must be boiled with high fire first and then with a slow fire. The heat depends on the flexibility of the maker. Lamb is sweet and warm, which is returned to the spleen and kidneys. It has the effects of nourishing qi, warming the middle and warming down, appetizing and invigorating. It contains far more protein than pork. Regular eating can make a person plump and moisturize the skin. There is a saying in Wuzhen folks that “a winter of lamb is worth a few catties of ginseng”. The mutton in Wuzhen is cooked in an earthen stove and firewood cauldron, and it usually takes one night.

5.Wuzhen Gusao Cake

Product name: Wuzhen Gusao Cake

     Product Origin: Wuzhen

     Product name category: Pastry

     Ingredients: Auntie cake is rich in protein and various trace elements necessary for the human body.

     Product efficacy: has the effects of invigorating the stomach and spleen, moisturizing the intestines and laxative

     Product characteristics: Auntie’s cake is oily and numb, crispy and glutinous in the mouth, moderately salty and sweet, not greasy, full of rustic flavor, but not rough

     Product introduction: The aunt cake is shaped like a chess pie, and slightly larger than a chess pie. All the ingredients are similar to sugar shortbread, which is also flour, sugar, sesame, lard, etc., but its taste is more delicious than crisp candy. Sister-in-law has been produced in Wuzhen for at least hundreds of years. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, Wuzhen Tongzhi Dong Shining originally repaired and Lu Xuepu’s continuation of Wuqing Town Records, Volume 20, has its “biography”: The round cakes are printed with very fine wheat flour, sugar and sesame seeds. Those with pretzel and white sugar are sweet and moist. They are famous far and near.”

     Product allusion: “Auntie Bing” is related to auntie as the name suggests. Legend has it that during the Qianlong period, there was a family workshop in the town that specialized in making shortbread cookies. Because of its unique formula, careful production, and surprisingly good taste, it was favored by the villagers, and the business was very prosperous. In order to maintain an exclusive operation, the owner has formulated a family law of passing key technologies to daughters-in-law and not to daughters. As the years go by, the daughters are not happy, and the jealousy towards the sister-in-law is growing day by day. Finally one day, my sister-in-law was unprepared, and she secretly sprinkled a handful of salt into the ingredients, hoping to see her embarrassment. Unexpectedly, the salt was sprinkled just right, and the shortbread cookies were sweet and salty, tasted better, and sold faster than before. Therefore, the cake is called “aunt’s cake”.

Wrapping Up

Welcome to Tongxiang, my friends from all over the world. Let’s go travel and explore together soon after COVID-19 end!!

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