March 11, 2021

Travel in the Philippines

European replicas in the Philippines. Part 4

Good afternoon, dear readers, today I would like to continue to share with you European landmarks in the Philippine archipelago. I have already written in previous posts about some of them, at the end of this post I will add links so that you can read the first, second and third parts of this article.

Photo by John Alvin Merin on Unsplash

Well, today I’m going to tell you about how to visit the Bahamas, desert and play in snowball. If you already feel an interest, please sit back, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

Photo by Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

#14. Boracay | Bahamas

This is perhaps the most famous island of the archipelago, everyone knows about it, this is the visiting card of the Philippines. It ranks among the world’s most visited islands, and its famous white beach is among the world’s best beaches. If you ask any foreigner what he knows about the Philippines, I can confidently say that the name of this amazing island will sound.

Photo by Darya Jumelya on Unsplash

As you know, the island was closed to tourists for some time in order to demolish illegal buildings and hotels, which spoiled the appearance of the island and spoiled the eco-system of this wonderful place. But the pandemic also made its own adjustments on this island – the water cleared up and rare representatives of the underwater world appeared in it, we can say that during the pandemic the island was overloaded and is gradually opening its doors for domestic tourism. I hope that soon he will open his welcoming arms to all foreigners.

Photo by Ramon Kagie on Unsplash

So what does this famous island look like? Of course, it is wrong to compare such a miracle of nature with other masterpieces and the global tourism industry, it is one and only of its kind, but still it resembles the Bahamas, whose white beaches and beach vacations are also included in the top ratings of world tourism. With year-round sunshine, powdery white sand, azure waters, rich nightlife or a quiet beach holiday, the Asian counterpart of the Bahamas invites each of you to experience its beaches, culture and flavor.

Photo by Sophie Louisnard on Unsplash

#15. Snow World, Cebu | Winter season in European country

As we know the Philippines doesn’t have winter season. It is tropical country with the eternal sun. If you miss the snow in the land of the hot sun, you can look into a very interesting place that may remind you of several European countries where there is snow at once, but, alas, it never happens in the Philippines.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Therefore, the Filipinos created a winter amusement park, which include ice sculptures and snow slides. You can build your own snowman and invite your friends over for a game of snowballs here. For a Russian, this is a normal thing we do every year! We are called the Winter Wonderland where we see winter and snow annually after all! But for local Filipino residents, as well as for guests of the city from the nearby islands, this is an exciting adventure!

Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

Just imagine that in the middle of a hot summer day you can get into a winter fairy tale! For us Russians, don’t assume that our body are insulated to the cold! We are not. We wore thick clothes during the winter. So over here it’s the same. Take warm clothes with you because the temperature differences inside the Snow World and the hot weather outside can easily lead to colds. Also there is ice bar, where you can drink hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate, during your unlimited time inside the park. So, if you are getting too tired of the hot weather in Cebu, come and indulge yourself in the Snow World Cebu. It promised a different experience enjoying winter in the summer country!

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

#16. La Paz sand dunes, Ilocos | European desert

I am more than sure that you, like me, did not know about the existence of a mini-desert on the archipelago, but it does exist. It is a coastal desert that was formed thousands of years ago by wind, water and time.

Photo by Andrzej Kryszpiniuk on Unsplash

The nature of the Philippines never ceases to amaze, does it? The height of the sand dunes reaches from 10 to 30 meters, which is an excellent condition for using various types of outdoor activities in this place. In addition, a magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding nature opens from the height of the desert dunes, the only thing that you will not see in this place is a caravan of camels and scorpions, but I think everyone would like to visit such a place.

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Moreover, the picturesque views of the small desert are an excellent set not only for Filipino cinema, but also for fragments of films such as Mad Max and Born on the Fourth of July. An interesting fact is that the locals themselves call this place the desert of pigs, since the appearance of the dunes resembles these animals, and the name of the area where the desert is translated from the local means a pig. One way or another, this place is worth seeing with your own eyes to really consider the shape of the sand dunes and draw your own conclusions.

In conclusion…
My dear readers, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my article today, like all the previous parts, links to which I will add below. As you can see, the Philippines is a separate world within the archipelago, here you can see absolutely everything – the countries of Europe, the desert, play snowballs and much more about which I would like to tell you in the next part of this article. If someone asks you about what you know about the Philippines, you can surprise the interlocutor with your knowledge of the archipelago, and not just the names of popular resorts, I hope that soon the world will open up for travel again and you will be able to see all the beauty described in my previous articles with your own eyes. Share your opinion in the comments, I’ll be glad to read them. Take care of yourself, good mood, dream more and see you soon.

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