March 2, 2021

Basic information about the Philippines

European replicas in the Philippines. Part 3

Good afternoon, my dear readers, today I would like to continue sharing with you some stunning European replicas inside the Philippines. If you didn’t read my previous parts of this article, you can read it here and second part is here. The Philippines are made up of over 7000 islands and only a small part of them are inhabited. Despite the small size of this republic, there are many interesting places that I am going to tell you about.

Would you like to know how the Philippines can astonish you? Where you can find house of Hobbits, be in Hawaii or listen to local legends about the enchanted river, finding yourself on a small replica of a Mexican landmark? If you already feel an interest, please sit back, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

#11. Hobbiton, Bukidnon | New Zealand inside the Philippines

A Hobbiton village was created like a replica of Hobbiton, New Zealand. Perhaps, many of you have not heard about similar places in the Philippines. However it exists.

Yes, it is not so big like the original Hobbiton but it has individual atmosphere of tropical country. «The Lord of the Ring» is a famous movie and this village is built by inspiration of film. Inside the houses there are essential things such as beds, you can stay here overnight. The height of the celling is low so if you are tall, you will feel some problem. But no worries as the Agro-Eco farm, which belong to the Hobbiton, has camping and other accommodations at the surrounding. Inside the hobbiton house, air-conditioner and fan are not available.

The place is located above 1,300 meters sea level. So at night the temperature inside the house is around 14 degrees Celsius, super cooling. If you feel cold, you can ask for blanket or any source of heating. All hobbit homes are made from natural materials such as wood, rocks, grass and have their own unrepeatable style. The Agro-Eco Farm is a huge territory, where you can watch a variety species of birds and woods, breath the clear forest air, do meditation surrounded by quietness and calmness. Needless to say, it is super instagram-worthy. Remember to buy a citronella oil ecologically produced by the Farm for lower price at your next visit.

#12. Million Dollars View, Surigao del Norte | Hawaii inside the Philippines

Let’s close our eyes and imagine how you are sitting on a spacious track, with a glass of wine in your hands, you are surrounded by palm trees and exotic flowers, you look at the Pacific Ocean and breathe in the ocean air.

The singing of birds and the noise of the ocean takes you far from the bustle and obsessive thoughts and you completely dissolve in this atmosphere of unity with nature. There is such a place, it is located on a cliff surrounded by jungle and people call it «Little Hawaii», Million Dollars View or Derek’s place. This guesthouse was built over 10 years ago and is very popular not only among locals, but also visiting foreigners.

In addition to the stunning views of the ocean, jungle, tropical flowers, you can do extreme sports, walk to the ocean, or just relax while enjoying meditation or the view of the Pacific Ocean. And no one will know that you are in Asia, because the scenic view of this attraction resembles Hawaiian beaches.

#13. Hinatuan enchanted River, Mindanao | Mexico in the Philippines

One of the most beautiful and popular attractions in Mindanao is the enchanted River, which attracts a lots of travelers and locals and resembling a river in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula . This river includes many majestic secrets and undiscovered underwater caves, which were opened many years ago and still stay unknown.

The river has a salty water, it flows into the Pacific Ocean and filled a huge variety of fishes. The interesting fact in that people don’t know from where fishes come to river but they think that the depth has a cave’s system, through which fish come. Also river has underwater caves and their research leads to the death of divers or researchers sometimes because corridors between caves so narrow and difficult to pass.

According to local Inhabitants, the enchanted River has a lots of legends, bound with it. Some of locals can tell you about mythical creations, living in the depth, others can share with you another magnificent story about fairies, who colored the water bright blue and azure shadows, also locals believe in living fishes in the water, which you never catch. This location is secure and if you want to swim there, you should do it in the especial place and certain hours. At any way, I think this location is unique and incredible at the Philippines and I wish you to visit it and watch all this beauty and exiting view with your eyes.

In conclusion…
My dear readers, thanks for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed it. On my own I would like to add that the Philippines is not only snow-white beaches and azure waves of the gentle sea, it is also a lot of unknown and undiscovered attractions that can surprise you. If you think that you know absolutely everything about any country, then take a look at it again – perhaps you will discover something amazing and previously unknown. I really hope that soon we will be able to travel the world again and I understand how much you missed the trip, so in one of my next articles I will try to find for you even more interesting information about European places inside the archipelago and then you can make your own route around the islands. And cause a slight envy of your Instagram subscribers by posting amazing photos from different places and keeping one little secret – you are in Europe without leaving Asia. Good mood to everyone, take care of yourself, dream more and think about future travels. I would be glad to read your comments. See you soon.

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