March 26, 2021

Welcome to Russia

Mystical Russia. Part 2

Good afternoon, dear readers, how are you? Today I would like to continue to share with you some mystical places of my large country, the first part of my article can be read here. So what am I going to tell you about?

Photo by Eugene Triguba on Unsplash

About the incredible triangle, in which terrestrial creatures and aliens have been repeatedly seen, as well as about why the construction of the Moscow tunnel caused a massive psychosis of drivers, what can be seen while driving underground and how it affects people’s lives. If you already feel an interest, please sit back, prepare a cup of aromatic coffee or hot tea and let’s start.

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash

#4. Molebsky triangle, Perm region

This mysterious territory got its name from the prayer stone, which was used by ancient peoples for sacrifices and prayers to the gods. Later, not far from this place, the first settlement appeared, which is now called Molebka and this is one of the most famous anomalous zones in Russia.

Photo by Marten Newhall on Unsplash

It was discovered in 1983 by one of the Permian geologists, who found one unique place described in the records of experienced hunters. According to the hunter, in this place you can walk in a circle for a long time without finding a way out. Later, articles began to appear in the media that traces of an unearthly civilization were noticed in these places and, as expected, researchers, scientists, skeptics, lovers of everything unusual and alien hunters rushed to the Moleb Triangle. So this place became so popular that special tourist routes were created.

Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

If you believe the words of people who have been there, then you can make a single picture of what can be seen there because there is not a single recorded fact of the presence of an extraterrestrial civilization. So, in this anomalous zone, people see yeti, strange dark figures that disappear if you approach them, but some ufologists claim that they spoke with them in telepathic contact and learned something new and fantastic about our world. Glowing balls, loss of time and disorientation in a triangle, transition to another world and meeting with aliens.

Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

We can only read the stories of eyewitnesses and draw our own conclusions, the only thing that was recorded was a slowdown in time and a navigation error at the compass inside this anomalous zone, scientists explain these oddities by deposits of copper ore lying in the bowels of the earth under the Molebian triangle and affecting the hands of the clock and compass … Scientists have not found anything unusual in this area, and they consider meetings with other worlds and their representatives a game of imagination of local residents and an excellent PR move for tourists. One way or another, if you rely only on facts, you may not see how many interesting and unusual things are present in the world.

Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash

#5. Lefortovo tunnel, Moscow

One of the most unexplained places in Russia was opened in 2003, intended to reduce the congestion on the main roads and provide a convenient and quick route for drivers. The tunnel, which is more than 3 km long, is separated by 7 traffic lanes.

Photo by Brett Zeck on Unsplash

The tunnel is equipped with hundreds of video cameras and security measures, emergency exits and ample lighting. But did it help in the fight against traffic jams? From the moment of its opening, terrible things began to happen in it – surveillance cameras record how cars suddenly turn over on level ground, how they jump as if they hit a springboard, how abruptly drivers change direction or brake, there is no logical explanation for all this.

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Psychologists are sure that drivers are in panic because they have to drive in a confined space, this creates a feeling of panic, helplessness, visual and auditory hallucinations. Perhaps there is some truth in this, because according to the drivers, you can see various creepy things in the tunnel – a car without a driver rushing to meet you, an unexpected passenger suddenly appearing in the car, unexplained car breakdowns inside the tunnel, and much more.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

Why are drivers chilling fear? Perhaps because the place of the tunnel is located on the site of the old Lefortovo cemetery and many people know about it. Perhaps this psychological factor plays a key role in many accidents, only the tunnel is not particularly popular among drivers, there are 2-3 fatal accidents per day and people simply avoid this place, believing that the tunnel disturbs the souls of the dead and they take revenge on the living.

Photo by the blowup on Unsplash

Taking their lives. Whether it is worth believing urban legends or a psychological factor is up to you, dear readers. According to workers of the road patrol service, the cause of the accidents is the speed of the drivers who want to get out of the tunnel surrounded by mysticism as soon as possible. In the modern world, the level of stress has increased significantly compared to previous years, and this is the main reason why people feel anxiety, panic and, falling into a confined space, fear takes over the mind and this can lead to sad consequences.

In conclusion…
My dear readers, thank you for reading to the end, I hope you enjoyed it. In Russia, as in the world as a whole, there are a lot of unexplored interesting places and I will try to find more incredible information for you in one of my next blogs. As I mentioned earlier, you should not rely only on facts, the world cannot be based only on reliable information, sometimes there is a place for such things as inexplicable miracles and mystical riddles in it, this makes it more interesting and multifaceted. But also do not believe everything that the imagination can invent, otherwise you can walk for a long time among fantasies and not see the main thing in this. Choose what is right for you, the world is created for you and you create this world yourself. All the best, take care of yourself, dream more and welcome to Russia.

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