May 18, 2021

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Investopedia – The Best Day Trading Schools and Courses

2021 is all about trading and, obviously, how one can get rich from it without losing their life savings. Well, first of all, just as Elon Musk said, you shouldn’t invest your savings while trading – only invest what you can lose!

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Then, if you want to prevent massive losses and optimize your portfolio’s risk, you should consider getting some formal trading training. It’s true that most modern traders didn’t use schools or courses designed for trading but, given that nowadays those are available, it would be a shame not to take a closer look at them.

While common financial content can be found on the Investopedia website, trading schools and courses are scattered across the internet. Let’s see where you can find them or what to take into account while searching for them!

Investopedia Academy

Even though we mentioned that common financial content can be found on this website, it’s true that the platform has its own academy that, for a price, can teach you more about becoming a day trader.

This particular academy focuses only on day trading. It comes with more than 50 different lessons that consist of interactive content, various exercises, as well as video content.

Given that Investopedia rounds up more than 20 million views every single month, it goes without saying that its academy is definitely worth a shot for any beginner trader.

How to Choose the Best Day Trading School

Naturally, Investopedia’s academy is right to focus on day trading as it is the most accessible type of trading. In fact, it is the type that popularized trading overall and introduced it to all kinds of people, from all working classes.

Nowadays, you can become a broker if you do the right research and join a good day trading school. And as long as you understand what the position entails, it should be easy for you to develop your skills.

Day trading represents the foundation of every other type of trading as it includes the very basics essentials of trading as a skill. Let’s take a look at what makes the best day trading school!

The Foundation

The foundation, just as the term implies, is the basis of every trading strategy, type, analysis, and so on. As a result, most schools/courses give you a free overview of the basics of trading.

This part is supposed to explain the different types of trading that one has available and give some insight on common trading strategies, as well as risk management strategies. In most cases, since such information is widely available, it is offered either for free or for a very small sum.

The Mentoring

Analyzing your own trades and trading performance is difficult. Why? Because, most of the time as a beginner, your successful trades are based only on luck. Naturally, luck doesn’t necessarily make a good trader.

This is why the school or course that you follow should have a mentoring section. Mentoring implies a professional taking a short look at your trades/transactions and analyzing your daily/weekly/monthly performance. A professional mentor will be able to differentiate between luck and skill and, most importantly, help you forfeit mere luck and embrace knowledge, risk management, and strategy (in order to build skill).

The Support

It almost goes without saying that each and every school and course should come with a public forum or with at least some support available after you finish it. Just like with what you learn in school, knowledge must be continuously fine-tuned and improved. At the same time, you might also pick up some habits that will improve your trading strategy.

Experiencing support after you finish your class/course adds to your success as a trader.

The Best Day Trading Schools and Courses

When browsing for such platforms or sources of training, you’ll see that they focus on a multitude of markets. However, each course will be specialized for a certain market.

Here are the best day trading platforms and portals, depending on what exactly they tackle:

Stock Market

  • Online Trading Academy – one of the largest platforms available, with more than 250k active traders. It has multiple class parts, in-depth courses, but also comes with a rather steep price – of around $7k.

  • The Stock Whisperer – this pre-recorded course is provided by Stefanie Kammerman. Besides the course, traders can also join her boot camp and even a live seminar to further sharpen their trading skills.

Options Trading

  • TradePro Academy – if stocks are not your thing, then you could try to learn options trading. For only $99 a month, the TradePro academy can teach you everything there’s to know about this type of trading, including 24h of live trading.

Futures Trading Courses

  • DayTradingAcademy – last but not least, this particular academy teaches people everything about futures. It is more than just reputed, as it was founded by the Wandering Trader blog’s creator.

Now, in the following lines, we’ll take a look at the best courses for day trading overall:

  • Warrior Trading – comprehensive package with six sessions every single week, depending on the chosen plan.

  • Bear Bull Trader’s Education – ideal for entry-level traders thanks to the fact that the course covers every step needed to become a pro trader.

  • The Trading Masterclass – one year access is guaranteed for only $600 and includes live streams, live trading sessions, various trade channels, webinars, and so on.

  • Learn How to Trade Stocks – a basic course for trading stocks, ideal for beginners.

  • One Core Program – course from Asia Forex Mentor, with a price tag of $1k. Covers everything you need to know about forex trading.

  • Investors Underground – another popular trading course, this one requires just a bit over $1k in fees every single month. The steep price comes with monthly packages of information that show a trader everything they need to know about their market and interest.

  • Market Rebellion – course designed for options trading, including a feature called personalized education which implies one-on-one lessons.

  • The Complete Day Trading Course – this course comes from Udemy and, naturally, is as comprehensive as it can get. The best thing is that you get lifetime access with only a one-time payment.

  • Bulls on Wall Street – this particular course is suited for intermediate traders, as it contains more complex live trading sessions. Boot camps are also available with this course.

  • Day Trading 101 – last but not least, this is another course from Udemy. It teaches people all the basics and a bit more about stock trading. The course contains 65 videos, making up a total of 3.7 hours of pure trading training.

The Bottom Line

In the end, finding a trading school or course is easy – probably too easy! However, keep in mind that the market is riddled with scams. As you’ve noticed, some of the courses above come with steep prices – some even above the $5k mark.

While some might be let down by such prices, keep in mind that trading is one of the best ways to earn passive income. A $5k investment in such a course can help you forget about your nine to five day job.

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