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▼Clases grupales


Group class (English Demo) Class Conductor:Rylene


I am Rylene A. Villaflor, graduated from one of the most reputable Universities here in Cebu which was formerly known as Cebu State College and now Cebu Normal University. I took up Bachelor of Arts Degree and major in English. I passed the Teaching License Examination at the year 2000. I believe that one of the best turning points of my life was working in this Academy 10 years and I believe I’ll stay here for much longer than that. Before working in this Academy I had already gotten some teaching experiences from  private and public school as a High School Teacher. I also worked for some of the biggest telecommunication company way back from 1997 to 2001, such as Canon, Casio, etc.

I value people’s qualities and contribution. I am a fair person. I am friendly yet cautious, young at heart but trapped in an old body, love humor yet cannot stand the filthy mouthed comedians out there. I am down to earth and I’m keen to learn new things especially edgy techie stuff. And I like to take initiative to improve the quality of the class. I believe my experience speaks for my competency.

Last but not least, I am someone you can rely upon sharing your stories. It is my pleasure to share my thoughts and ideas to everybody. I feel satisfied whenever my students open up their mind, it means they trust me. And It is my mission and vision to lift my learners up not just in English Speaking but also their self-esteem. I am so proud as a Teacher for more than a decade. And I feel a sense of achievement when the students told me that you are the teacher I am looking for, or when the students remembered you not only as a teacher but as a life-long friend.



▼Clases particulares (1:1)

 1:1 Class Conductor:Glenda


Hi! I’m Glenda Lyn. Glenda for short 🙂 I’m not just a teacher, I can be an adviser, conforter, a friend rolled into one. I’m focused on vocabulary and idioms and rest assured that my class is not boring. We can laugh together while having our class. You are my first priority so if you want to improve more, you can count on me and I’ll be there.
“Train your mind to see the good in everything”


1:1 Class Conductor:Jel


I’m Jeline C. Gilles and in ESL industry, everybody call me “Jel”. Becoming a teacher is really a great job for me because I can teach others and can learn from them as well.
I can say that I’m into this field because I can easily adapt to different attitudes and character of students, adjust to their level and methods of learning, and I’m willing to accept different personalities and keep students in my class the best as I can.
I incorporate more ways to encourage my students to learn English. I want to build fluency as much as possible because I do believe that the better they speak, the more confidence thry will gain, and this cycle will continue as on and on.
I believe that “We are not born to be invisible”. Each individual has something to show off in the world even in learning and speaking the universal language, English.


1:1 Class Conductor:Sheryl


Hello! My name is Sherly. I have been teaching English language for months. I love to teach my students. We always have fun while learning. I don’t just teah them to learn but also to love the lenguage and learning process. I always assure that my students can learn more skills in English language and make their world bigger by using it.
If you are in my class, I can also assure that you will learn and apply what you have learned everywhere.

“Be smarter than your notebook and apply what you’ve learned today”


1:1 Class Conductor:Mari


Hello! My name is Mari. I have been teaching English for years. I love English as my students loved it. At first, most of my students thought that learning English was quite difficult and boring. I proved them wrong! As time goes by they found out that learning English is fantastic.

“Every student can learn, just not on the same way, find that way”


1:1 Class Conductor:Therese


I have been teaching online and offline for more than ten years now. I am easy-going and a good listener too, if you need someone to talk to. I like hanging out with my friends, watching movies and singing songs. In teaching, I usually let my students read, speak and write to develop and maximize their use of the English language. Patience is a virtue which I gained through years of teaching.


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