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3D Academy – Dormitory Rules

Academy Penalties and Warnings

Letter of apology (A4 paper) – submit this letter to the manager on or before 6pm, the day after receiving the warning.


1. Warning

Entering a room of the opposite gender
Entering another students’ room after 11pm
Warning from the manager for making noise after 10pm
Sleeping out without submitting itinerary (travelling is allowed only on weekends)
Violating the curfew ( Weekdays and Sunday: 11 PM, Under 18 years old students must come back before 11 PM everyday.)
Please show your ID card to security guard. If not, it is considered as a violation of curfew. Always wear the ID when going in or out.
Bringing liquor into the academy(main building and new building)
Going to the casino

2. Leaving the academy

Drinking in the dormitory
Having a bottle of liquor in  the room
Making disturbing noise, fighting with the other student(s); causing disturbance to the other students; tarnishing the academy’s reputation on purpose, etc.
Students who receive 3 warnings will be expelled from the academy.

3. Others

  1. One count of warning can be removed from a student’s record if he can have a perfect attendance (no late, absent) for 4 weeks.



The administrator has full authority to expel the student depending on the severity of the case.

Students who received warning



1.General Rules

1. Room Allocation is subject to the institute’s authority

Entering rooms of the opposite gender is NOT ALLOWED. Visiting other rooms is allowed only from 8am to 11pm.

Breaking this rule results to 1 warning.


2. The academy is NOT LIABLE FOR loss of personal belongings. Therefore, please be careful with your valuables.

They can be kept in custody by the manager free of charge. If necessary, we will contact the proper authorities to investigate the matter.


3. Toiletries and cosmetics are not supplied by the academy.


4. All flammable materials (for cooking or otherwise) are BANNED from the school and dormitory premises. (For example: gas burner, Candle, match. Etc.)


5. Since all things in each room are property of the academy, students are not allowed to keep them for themselves or to move them to another place. Students will be charged a corresponding fee for loss or damage of any academy property or facility.


2. Cleaning and laundry

1.  Cleaning and laundry services are twice a week.


2.  Students are encouraged to wash delicate fabrics, expensive and branded clothes (silk, etc.) by themselves since the academy will not compensate for any damage done.


3.  Do not include the following in your laundry: Sports shoes, hats, caps, swimsuits.


4.  Bed spreads are replaced once a week.


3 .Curfew and visiting rule

1. Guest can visit a student only under the manager’s permission. But they are not allowed to enter the bedroom.


2. Please observe curfew.  On weekdays, sleeping out is not allowed without certain reason, with the written



Minors under the age of 18 and Semi-Sparta course students:  Everyday 11pm


3. When travelling out of Cebu City, the detail of the trip (i.e. destination, names, accommodation, contact number) should be submitted.


4. Students staying in the hotel or condominium do not have curfew, however they cannot enter the school after the curfew time. Guests to the hotel are not allowed to stay in the room after 10pm.


4. Drinking and smoking

1. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas for the sake of maintaining a clean environment and good health. Smoking in non-designated areas is subject to P1000 penalty.


2. Liquors are STRICTLY BANNED from the dormitory. If exposed, students will be given a

   warning. Three (3) warnings results to immediate EXPULSION. Students caught or found

   drinking in the dormitory will be kicked out immediately. If liquour bottles or cans are

  discovered in the room, all the residents of the particular room will be kicked out immediately.

   Students` parents will be notified-for those who cause a disturbance and receive expulsion

  depending on the manager’s decision.


5. Deposits

1. Please use the facilities in the dormitory carefully. A deposit of equivalent to 2,500Peso for less than 19 weeks, 5,000Peso for 20 weeks and more is required to cover for incidence of damage. The deposit is returned upon completion of study if no damage is incurred.


2. Electricity is billed per room depending on usage.


3. Request for a new room key costs P300, lost id card- P700 as penalty.


4. Students must pay the maintenance fee of P150 per week.


6. ID card

1. Students staying in the Main BLD and the New BLD should return their ID cards to the rack at the entrance

    between 19:00 (after dinner) and the curfew every day.

2. If students do not return it by the curfew, the student will be deemed not to stay in the dormitory, so please

be aware that we will confirm safety and curfew compliance.

3. Please take the ID card from the rack and carry it at all times when you go out of the dormitory.

4. Minors under the age of 18 and Semi-Sparta course students should hand over the ID card directly to the



7. On leaving school premises

1. Going out on weekdays without the filled-up form and manager’s confirmation is tantamount to SLEEPING OUT and subject to 1 warning.


2. Drinking in the dormitory, entering rooms of the opposite gender, causing harm to the reputation of the academy,   damaging property are subject to EXPULSION and compensation for damage.


3. Engaging in a romantic relationship with a teacher results to expulsion for the student and termination for the teacher.


4. An accumulation of 3 warnings result to EXPULSION WITHOUT ANY REFUND.


We, management, promise to always do our best effort for the convenience of our valued students and we will endeavor to make a better scholastic and living condition, always bearing in mind that students are our priority like a family.  Everyone is highly encouraged to follow the announcements given from time to time.  The academy is not liable for any damage resulting to the non-compliance of the announcements.