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Philippines is one of the fastest growing countries the world. The country’s GDP is growing at a pace of 6-7% year over year. This only means one thing – job opportunities are growing fast here. As Philippines is still early in the development stage, a lot of foreign bilingual talents are required to help build this economy. As a foreigner who speaks more than one language, you have the competitive advantages of language and international exposure. Come and explore the beautiful life of living, studying, and working in the Philippines with 3D Academy!



  Study (Min. 4 weeks) + Work in MNC (After Graduate)


Do you speak more than 1 language? If you speak fluently in Mandarin, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian and many other languages, you can now enroll into our English course for a direct career boost.


Simply enroll to any of our General English Course for a minimum of 4 weeks to get a free career boost guide.


There are over 1000 jobs opening in the Philippines now. 3D Academy is collaborating with various corporations here to help you to secure full-time high-paying jobs in the Philippines after you graduate from our school. See below some of the job offers for our English course graduates:-

* Thai / Vietnamese/  Procurement/Accounts Payable Analyst in a German Pharmaceutical Company ~ Salary: USD 1,000 and above

* Mandarin Area Sales Manager / Customer Associates / IT Helpdesk / Operational Manager ~ Salary: USD 1,000 and above

* Vietnamese Speaking Customer Support in an international E-Learning Company ~ Salary: 40,000 pesos (USD 800)

* Korean Software Developer ~ Salary USD 1000- 3000

* Spanish Service Customer Support / Associate / Gaming Support / Accounts Payable Processor / Logistic Helpdesk ~ Salary: USD 1,200 (PHP 60,000) – USD 3,000 (PHP 150,000)

* Portuguese Gaming Customer Support / Data Management / Research Analyst ~ Salary: USD 1,200-1,500 (PHP 60,000 – PHP 75,000)

* Russian Brand Ambassador ~ Salary: up to USD 2,000 (PHP 100,000)

* Italian Account Receivable / Consumer Support / Bilingual Support ~ Salary: ~ Salary: USD 1,400-1,800 (PHP 70,000 – PHP 90,000)

* French Service Desk Analyst / Support Engineer / Sales & Marketing ~ Salary: ~ Salary: USD 1,000-1,800 (PHP 50,000 – PHP 90,000)

* Indonesian Financial Auditor / Digital Specialist / Client Support / Content Analyst  ~ Salary: USD 1,000-2,200 (PHP 50,000 – PHP 110,000)

* Arabic Customer Service Associate / Financial Analyst ~ Salary: USD 1,000-1,800 (PHP 50,000 – PHP 90,000)

* Turkish Service Associate ~ Salary: USD 1,400-1,800 (PHP 70,000 – PHP 90,000)

* Polish Consumer Support / Technical Specialist ~ Salary: USD 1,200-1,600 (PHP 60,000 – PHP 80,000)


Interested to get a career boost? Send in your resume to info@3d-universal.com for a free career assessment now!



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Fun Facts: The Philippines remained the top 5 fastest growing economies in Asia, posting >6% GDP growth year over year, on par with China. It is now growing so fast that more than 10,000 jobs are created annually for foreigners in the Philippines. Foreigners can expect to earn between Php 600,000 to Php 1.4 million per year with various benefits.

In view of this, 3D Academy is now partnering with one of the largest multilingual Executive Search company – J-K Network for the Philippines Foreign Expats Job Fair 2019 on 19 March 2019. See attached the brochure of the event! For any student enrolled during this period, they will get a free personal job-matching meeting scheduled with the executive search representative. Come and join us for an evening filled with information about the rights, the benefits, the salary ranges, the available opportunities, the location of the jobs available, their potentials, the advantages which came along with working in the Philippines, and all the things that your students can get the best of, after they completed their study in 3D Academy. Students who sign up for the event will also be provided with snacks and J-K kits.

What are you waiting for? Sign up for the English course with 3D Academy and open up windows of opportunities in one of the fastest growing economies in the world!