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The best age for mastering a new language is arguably during the childhood period, as it is believed to be the time of our lives where we have the strongest ability to learn and absorb new knowledge without distraction. Therefore, parents nowadays often send their children to go to English classes since young as the globalization wave is unstoppable and English is no doubt the clear lingua franca in this wave. However, in order to master a language, proper environment is very important. If students only learn a few words in the classes but do not know how to apply in the real life situation as there is no proper environment to use that language, it is difficult to expect the kids to really master one language. Yet it is not easy to create a proper environment where the neighborhood are built based on the local languages instead of English.

In order to build a proper English environment for the kids, 3D Academy has designed an English lesson plan for both the parents and children to learn English and traveling together. Children will have 6 hours of individual 1:1 lessons per day while parent can choose to have either 6 hours or 4 hours of lessons (Individual + group lessons) per day. After classes, parent can stay with the kids and revise the homework together. During weekend, parent can bring along the kids to travel to islands nearby the school or simply join the school trips. In this case, both the children and parents are able to improve their English at the same time.

This method of learning English is proven to be able to lay a solid foundation for the English ability.


During the daily individual 1 to 1 classes, students will have plenty of time to practice English conversation. In addition to the basic curriculum such as vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing, students also get opportunities to learn English in a more interesting ways including learning English songs, dance, via video clips and other special designed classes which allows children to learn English in a fun environment.

Parent can choose either 6 daily lesson plan(3 Individual 1:1 classes + 3 group classes)or a more relaxing 4 daily lesson plan(2 Individual 1:1 classes + 2 group classes)


Important Disclaimer: Parents and children study separately during the class. The objective is to reduce the dependency of the kids from the parents which will help students develop the desire to learn to communicate with outsiders, as well as to groom the good quality of being independent and self-reliant from young.


For the kid’s course, the minimum age accepted is 8 years old :
8~12 years old: 6 of 1:1 classes. (Study in an open environment. Some other kids might be around with their own teachers)
13~15 years old: 6 of 1:1 classes in Man to Man class room.


3D Kids + Parents Program Terms and Conditions:


1. Every child must be accompanied by at least one parent

2. The child must be in between 8-15 years old and be able to speak.



3D Kids Program- (6 classes = 1:1 Individual)
Price (USD $)
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks
Dormitory Double Room $521 $1000 $1,437 $1,666 $3,332
Dormitory Triple Room $463 $890 $1,279 $1,483 $2,966
Dormitory Quadruple Room $429 $824 $1,184 $1,373 $2,746
Premium Double room $538 $1,034 $1,486 $1,723 $3,446
Premium Quadruple room $438 $842 $1,210 $1,403 $2,806
Hotel Twin room $624 $1,198 $1,722 $1,996 $3,992
Tsai Hotel Twin $521 $1,000 $1,437 $1,666 $3,332


3D Parent Program- (6 classes = 3 Individual 1:1 + 3 group)
Price (USD $)
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks
Dormitory Double Room $418 $802 $1,152 $1,336 $2,672
Dormitory Triple Room $360 $692 $994 $1,153 $2,306
Dormitory Quadruple Room $326 $626 $900 $1,043 $2,086
Premium Double Room 435 $836 $1,201 $1,393 $2,786
Premium Quadruple room $335 $644 $925 $1,073 $2,146
Prestigio Hotel Twin Room $477 $916 $1,316 $1,526 $3,052
Tsai Hotel Twin Room $435 $836 $1,201 $1,393 $2,786


3D Parent Program- (4 classes = 2 Individual 1:1 + 2 group)
Price (USD $)
1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks
Dormitory Double Room $402 $772 $1,109 $1,286 $2,572
Dormitory Triple Room $345 $662 $951 $1,103 $2,206
Dormitory Quadruple Room $310 $596 $856 $993 $1,986
Premium Double Room $420 $806 $1,158 $1,343 $2,686
Premium Quadruple Room $320 $614 $882 $1,023 $2,046
Prestigio Hotel Twin Room $461 $886 $1,273 $1,476 $2,952
Tsai Hotel Twin Room $408 $784 $1,126 $1,306 $2,612

*Enrollment Fee: USD$100
*Pick up Fee (one way from airport to school ): USD$30  
*The price is inclusive of: Tuition Fee, Accommodation, 3 meals/day (Including weekends), laundry, room cleaning service, access to gym and free WIFI. 
*The school reserves the right to adjust the price where it deemed fit

3D Nanny Service – Upon request
Please check with us on the nanny service rates should you need it. Price to be quoted depending on the working hours and the time of notice.



Other fees

When students arrive to Cebu, they need to pay some miscellaneous fees as stipulated by the government. The fees include Special Study Permit (SSP), maintenance fees, visa extension etc. Some fees are compulsory, some are not. Please check with the student manager upon arrival on the specific miscellaneous fees that are applicable to you.

Miscellaneous Fees in Cebu
Registration Fee USD $100
Pick-up Fee (one way from airport to school) USD $30
Visa Extension Those students who stay for more than 30days should apply Visa extension with the fee below.
SSP (Special Study Permit) PHP 6500 (6 months validity)
ACR I-Card (Compulsory for students staying over 59days) PHP 3,000
Textbooks (Approximately. depends on the book) PHP 1000 / 4 weeks
Electric fee (depends on the usage) PHP 1000 ~ 1500 / 4 weeks
Maintenance fee (onetime payment on the first day) PHP 150 * week(s)
Deposit (Refundable. to use to pay the textbooks and Electric fees) 1 ~ 19 weeks → PHP 2500 
20 ~ 47 weeks → PHP 5000
Additional Classes (Optional) 1:1 ESL class = 2500 peso / week
ESL Group Class = 1500 pesо / week
Airport Tax (Pay at the airport) PHP 850


VISA extension:
Those students who stay more than 30days should apply Visa extension with the fee below (Inclusive of 300pesos handling fee)
1st:3,440pesos valid for 59days*counting from the arrival(8weeks)
2nd:4,710pesos valid for 89days*counting from the arrival (12weeks)
3rd:3,240pesos valid for 119days*counting from the arrival(16weeks)
4th:3,240pesos valid for 149days*counting from the arrival(20weeks)
5th:3,240pesos valid for 179days*counting from the arrival(24weeks)
※after 1st extension, 2nd and 3rd extensions onward can be done at one time.


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