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> 3D Students Testimonial
  • Mina - (Taiwan)
  • Mina是個很可愛的女孩。為了去澳洲打工度假,特地來3D上了12周的英語課。祝你去澳洲打工度假順利哦!
    She is a very cute girl with nice smile all the time

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  • Omar - (Middle East)
  • Omar Al Qasmi – Oman (Middle East)
    Brief Introduction : He is a very sincere and appreciative person from the middle east. You can tell that when he says something, he really meant it.

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  • Anna - (Russia)
  • Anna is a lovely woman come from Russia. With her, students get a taste of Russian culture and stories. We believe she had a good time here as well. All the best for your future endeavor Anna!

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